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Blue Sculpture

1. Purchase 6 sheets of 1/8", 4' x 6' transparent blue plexiglas
2. Drill 1/16" holes 1/2" from top two corners
3. Hang plastic sheets vertically from steel wire 18" from floor and 18" away from walls
4. Hang two sheets each on two walls and one sheet each on two walls
5. Stand in center of room
6. Take two steps to the left and mark your position with masking tape on the floor
7. Ask someone who is 5'11" tall to stand in the marked spot
8. Mark a spot on the wall where the corners of each sheet line up with the 5'11" person's line of vision
9. Connect the points with 2" masking tape, making rectangular frames behind the hanging plastic
10. Paint inside masked area sky blue
11. Remove masking tape from wall and from floor when paint is dry
12. Play some Coltrane sides

WINTER   69-70

[[postal stamp]]
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