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NEW YORK 11560

April 5, 1973

[[underlined]] Deaths [[/underlined]]
New York Times
229 West 43 Street
New York City 10036

Dear [[underlined]] Deaths: [[/underlined]]

The New York Corraspondence School, described by critic Thomas Albright in "Rolling Stone" as the "oldest and most influential" died this afternoon before sunset on a beach where a large Candian goose had settled down on it's Happy Hunting Ground, was sitting there obviously very tired and ill and I said to it "Oh, you poor thing". It mustered up whatever strength it had and waddled away from me. "How beautiful!" I thought. "How like a bird - about to die and yet having some courage to try to go on." And then it lifted it's legs and wings and shit out some black shit it was such a large heavy bird it flapped it's wings and I studied the curve of the wings I thought Anne Wilson would like to see them. It just wanted to be alone to die without a human standing there talking to it. I felt so bad. So it flew off and soon I was aware I couldn't see it anymore it had gone. Maybe if I go back there tomorrow, the tide will have washed up it's feathery body.

Ruth Ford died her black hair blonde.

I telephoned her. "Breeze From the Gulf".

The stars look [[underlined]] very [[/underlined]] different today. Ground control to Major Tom. Time to leave the Capsule. I'm stepping through the door. Tell my wife I love her [[underlined]] very much. [[/underlined]]

Most sincerely yours,

Buddha University


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