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nowhere, as far as I can tell.  How about Art in America?  Or wherever you want, I don't care - but I do care that you'll write - it's important to me as your judgement I know I can trust.  As the opening approaches, I become more & more scared.  Working is the only thing that helps - working & staying close to home, deep in the structure I've built.
As to Peter Kennedy - I shouldn't put him down, I suppose.  He sent some Australians here who [[strikethrough]] handling [[/strikethrough]] handle travelling shows to Australia & they [[underlined]] loved [[/underlined]] the piece & want to try & bring it.  As to a tour, it looks like the piece will go, from SF to Seattle to Rochester NY - then we're trying to get it to Washington, D.C., Chicago & Denver but the second half of the tour is not yet firm.  At the moment, I just want to [[underlined]] open [[/underlined]] the piece & if it's okay, I believe the force of the work will carry it.  If it's not okay, I'll just quietly disappear for 10 years or so - or perhaps give it up altogether.  It is not just the idea of personally failing with the piece that terrifies me, but the idea that if I fail, I will set the course of women's art back & - moreover, someone else will have to do this all over again.  I comfort myself, however, with the idea that at least I'm trying - & if I don't make it to the moon, someone else will.  BUT YOU KNOW I WANT IT TO BE ME.
As to Ken, everything's fine - We're still trying to make a long-term relationship & we're hanging in there.  We'll know more where we are after the piece opens (if it opens - I always get a few