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New Berne N.C.

Carraway Mrs. S. A.

Addresses a letter to [[underlined]] The President [[/underlined]] of the U.S. requesting possession and back rents of her house in Newberne N.C. now occupied by Federal Troops. - Referred by Maj. Genl. [[underlined]] Howard [[/underlined]] Com. Bureau of R.F. & A.L. to [[underlined]] E Whittlesey [[/underlined]] Col. & Asst. Com. for N.C. [[Footnote 1]]

Respectfully referred to Capt [[underlined]] H. James [[/underlined]] Supt. of Eastern Dist. who will forward the information desired at once

By Command
Fred H. Beecher
Lt. & A. Asst Adjt Genl.

Bureau of R F & A L
Hd Qrs Asst. Commsr
Raleigh N C July 14" 1865

Returned by Capt. [[underlined]] H. James [[/underlined]], & forwarded by [[underlined]] E. Whittlesey [[/underlined]] Col & Asst. Com to Maj Genl [[underlined]] Howard [[/underlined]], Com. of Bureau. July 19" 1865

[[Footnote 2]]

[[Footnote 1]] not recorded in L.B.
[[Footnote 2]] Property restored S.O. 36 War Dept Bu R F & A L. July 28"/65

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Office of Asst Q.M. & Supt. of Negro Affairs
New Berne July 17" 1865

James Capt. H.

Makes application to Hon. [[underlined]] E.M. Stanton [[/underlined]] Sec. of War, for the appointment of Mr. [[underlined]] Fiske [[/underlined]] as A.Q.M. of Vols. that he may be assigned to duty in Bureau of R.F. & A.L.

Approved & earnestly recommended.  [[Footnote 1]]

E. Whittlesey
Col. & Asst. Commissioner

Bureau of Refugees Freedmen &c
Hd Qrs Asst Commissioner
Raleigh N C July 19" 1865

[[Footnote 1]] Not recorded in L.B.

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Bureau of Refugees Freedmen &c.
Hd Qrs. Asst [[?]]Comiss Eastern Dist
New Berne N C July 15" 1865

James Capt. & Supt. H.

Requests that G.O. 119 Par 1 Hd. Qrs Dept. of N.C. be suspended that John F. Keyes Pvt. 2d Mass. may be retained as clerk in this Bureau.  [[Footnote 1]]

Keyes  J.F.   Respectfully forwarded with request that Pvt. [[underlined]] John F. Keyes [[/underlined]] 2d Mass. H. Art. be detailed for duty in the Bureau of Refugees Freedmen & A.L. in accordance with G.O. 102 A G O. War Dept May 31" 1865, & ordered to report to Capt. H. James Supt of Freedmen at New Berne N.C.

E. Whittlesey
Col & Asst Commissioner

Bureau of R F & A L.
Hd. Qrs Asst Commissioner
Raleigh N.C. July 19" 1865.

[[Footnote 1]] not recorded in L.B.

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War Dept. Bureau of R.F. & A.L.
Washington D.C. July 17" 1865

Taggard  Saml. L. Asst. Adjt Genl.

Refers the case of Isaact C. Meekins to Col. Whittlesey Asst Com for N.C. for investigation & report.  [[Footnote 1]]

Respectfully referred to Capt. Horace James for investigation and report.

By Command of Col. Whittlesey Asst. Comssr.
Fred H. Beecher Lt & A A A Genl.

Bureau of R.F. & A.L.
Ast Comssr. of N.C. Raleigh N C July 26" 1865

[[Footnote 1]] See M.1. R.F. & A.L.

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War Dept Bureau of RF & AL.
Washington D.C. July 12" 1865

Fullerton Col. J.S. Asst Adjt Genl.

Respectfully refers case of Walter Duffy Starkey Gardner & Rachel Jones to Col. E. Whittlesey Asst. Com. of N C. [[Footnote 1]]

Respectfully referred to Capt H James for investigation & report.

By Command
Fred H Beecher Lt & A A A Genl.

Hd Qrs Asst. Com.
Raleigh N C July 26"

[[Footnote 1]] See. T.5. RF. & AL.

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Bureau of R.F. & A.L. Washington D.C. July. 5" 1865

Sladen  Jos. A.  A A A Genl

Asks by direction of Maj. Genl. Howard, if any information can be given as to whereabouts of Joseph & Rebecca Wood Cold also of Perry Clarissa & Manuel children of the above. [[Footnote 1]]

Respectfully referred to Capt. H James with request that he will make search to know whether the within named parties can be found, and if so that he will comply with this request.

Fred H Beecher
Lt & A A A Genl.
Hd Qrs Asst Commissr.
Raleigh N C July 12" 1865

James    Respectfully returned July 19" by Capt. H. James to Col Whittlesey with reference called to endorsement of Lt. Birdsdale.  New Berne N C July 19" 1865
Bureau of RF  & AL
Hd Qrs Asst Commsr.
Raleigh N C July 26" 1865

Respectfully forwarded.  The information obtained has been forwarded to Capt Stuart.  [[Footnote 2]]

E. Whittlesey
Col. & Asst Commissioner

[[Footnote 1]] not recorded
[[Footnote 2]] See L.B. no. 35. P. 16.

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Bureau of R.F. & A.L.
Washington D.C. July 11" 1865

Howard Maj. Genl. O.O.

Refers case of Henry R. Boyan of N.C. who wishes his property to be restored to him.  [[Footnote 1]]

Respectfully forwarded, the estate of of H Boyan is on the list forwarded to Washington known as the Spright Plantation.  It is rented for the year & supports 75 Freedmen who would be thrown upon the Govt. if the property were restored to the owner.  Mr. Boyan is reported to be a first class rebel.  I cannot at present recommend the restoration of his estate.

E Whittlesey
Col & Asst. Commissioner
Hd Qrs Asst Commsr.
Raleigh N C July 26"

[[Footnote 1]] See W. no. 4.

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