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New Berne N C July 25" 1865

James  Capt. Horace  

Requests that a small Govt. Steamer be placed at his disposal.  There being so many interruptions by river & sounds, to travel in his Dist.  It is necessary for transporting freedmen & supplies also for carrying officers of the Bureau on their tours of inspection.  [[Footnote 1]]

Capt. Johnston   Respectfully referred to Capt. [[underlined]] Thos P Johnston [[/underlined]] Chief Q. M. Bureau of R F & A L of N.C. for action, and if possible to obtain the steamboat required.

By Command
Fred H Beecher
Lt. & A. Asst Adjt. Genl.
Bureau of Refugees Freedmen &c
Hd Qrs. Asst Commissioner
Raleigh N.C. July 27" 1865

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[[?Lease]] Dept. 6" Spl Agency
New Berne N.C. July 26" 1865

Heaton  Supy spl Agent D.

Bray W.T.  Deems W T Bray lessee of plantation known as "Nixon plantation" an unsuitable person for such position. Both because he wastes the proceeds and abuses Freedmen  employed on such premises.  [[Footnote 1]]

James Capt. H.  Respectfully forwarded to Col. Whittlesey by Capt. James Supt. of East" Dist.  Says that he has no personal knowledge of facts in this case, but it seems clear from testimony that Mr Bray is not managing wisely nor in accordance with terms of the lease.

Respectfully returned to Capt. H James Supt of Eastn Dist. from affadvaits laid before me it is clear that Mr. Bray is not a proper man to have charge of of the "nixon plantation".  As soon as practicable he should be relieved and a reliable man put in charge, for the remainder of the year.  [[Footnote 2]]

By Command
Fred H Beecher
Lt & A A A Genl.
Bureau of R F & A L
Hd Qrs. Asst. Com.
Raleigh N C July 27" 1865

[[Footnote 1]] not recorded.
[[Footnote 2]] See L.B. P. 18. no 39

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Office supt Mid Dist Refuges Freedmen
Raleigh NC July 28" 1865

Clapp  Lt. Col. Dexter E
Supt. Mid Dist

Makes request that [[underlined]] Guion [[?Earf]] [[/underlined]] may be brought to trial before a Mil Tribunal for maltreating & otherwise abusing [[underlined]] Stephen Slanstell [[/underlined]] Colrd
[[Footnote 1]]  [[Footnote 2]]

Approved and respectfully forwarded to Maj Carleton A A G 10" A.C.

E. Whittlesey
Col & Asst Commissioner

[[Footnote 1]] not recorded
[[Footnote 2]] Guion [[?Earf]] Stephen Slanstell

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Raleigh N. . July 29" 1865

Tourgee  A.W.

Submits a plan for improving the condition of Freedmen in the South, to be laid before Maj Genl O O Howard Commissioner if approved.  Wishes to be addressed at Erie Pa. Box 492, if prior to Sept. 15" 1865.

Approved and respectfully forwarded.  Any scheme which will ensure to freedmen homes & farms of their own is worthy of encouragement

E. Whittlesey
Co. & Asst. Commissioner
Hd Qurs. Asst. Com. Raleigh N C July 31" 1865

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War Dept. Bu. R F & A L.
Washington D.C. July 24" 1865

Fowler  Capt Wm A.A. Genl.

Desires investigation to be made in the case of W.P. Robertwon, who has made application through his agt. for the restoration of One third of Lot 6 East Front St. New Berne N C.  Wishes to know whether Mr R is and has been loyal, whether the property was confiscatd or abandoned if the latter why.

Respectfully referred to H. James Capt & Financial Agt. for investigation and report.

By Command
Fred H Beecher
Lt. and A.A.A. Genl.
Bureau of R F & A L
Hd Qrs Asst. Commissioner
Raleigh N.C. July 31" 1865

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Hd Qrs Station Roanoke Isld.
July 26" 1865

Holman  Col. John H.
Comdg Post

Represents that great need exists of a small steam tug for transportation  Thinks the good of the service demands that one be placed at his disposal

Respectfully referred to Cap.t Thos P Johnston Chief Q M. Bur. R F & A L State of N.C.  [[Footnote 1]]

By command
Fred H Beecher
Lt & A A A Genl.
Hd Qrs Asst Comm
Raleigh N C July 31" 1865

[[Footnote 1]] see p. 12 - 36.

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Raleigh N.C. July 29" 1865

Tourgee  A W.

Is desirous of obtaining some position in the Bureau of R F & A L.  Is a graduate of Rochester University a member of the bar of Ohio.  Has been in the service of the U.S. since 1861 & has been three times wounded.

Respectfully forwarded.  If authorized to employ civilians I would be glad to avail myself of the services of Mr. Tourgee.  From personal interviews with him and from the testimony of those who know him well, I am convinced that he would be a valuable assistant in my work.

E. Whittlesey
Col and Asst Commissioner
Bu R.F. & A.L.
Hd Qrs. Asst. Com.  Raleigh N C July 31/65
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