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Office of Abandoned Lands & Tenements
Wilmington N.C. July 29" 1865

Randolph  S.F.

States that Mr Henry Nutt is represented to have presided over the first secession meeting of that county. But that he denies that such was the case.  Mr T J Douglass is reported to have moved from NewBerne to this town soon after the breaking out of the war, and to have settled down upon the property which he now claims.  He was arrested for running the blocade. But little seems to be known of him by residents here.  [[Footnote 1]] 

I Respectfully forwarded to Maj Genl Howard Commissioner.  Ignorant as to the policy to be pursued by the govt. respecting these & similar petitions, I am at a loss about proper action upon them.  the farms are leased for the entire year, in the interests of Freedmen If restored, some provision should be made for these now occupying them.  The claims of Mr. Nutt & Mr Douglass are no stronger than those of a majority of applicants.

E. Whittlesey
Col & Asst. Commissioner
Bu R F & A.L. Asst. Com.
Raleigh N.C. July 31" 1865

[[Footnote 1]] Two enclosures. Petition of Henry Butt & J.T. Douglas for property. - not Recorded.

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Bureau of R.F. & A.L. Hd Qrs Supt of C.D.
Raleigh N.C. July 31" 1865

Clapp  Lt. Col. & supt. D.E.

Refers charges & specifications against Guion Earp citizen Johnston Co. N.C.  Respectfully forwarded to Lt Col. Chas A Carleton Asst. Adjt Genl 10" A.C.  [[Footnote 1]]

E. Whittlesey
Col & Asst. Commissioner
Bureau R F & A L.
Hd Qrs Asst Com Raleigh N C July 31" 1865.

[[Footnote 1]] see E.B. P.6. no. 14.

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Bureau of of Refugees Freedmen &c
Office supt. Central Dist Raleigh N C July 31 1865

Clapp.  Lt. Col. Dexter E.

Refers case of Andrew Corrington & other colored men, who testified that after working in the Q.M. Dept. from Mar. 31" to July 14" they were only paid from $5.00 to $10.00 pay for the whole time.

Respectfully forwarded to Dept. Hd Qrs.  Many complaints of a similar kind have been made.  If these men were borne on the rolls as employees of the Govt. they would seem to be entitled to full pay.  In any event, if their statement be true, they have suffered great injustice.

E. Whittlesey
Col & Asst Commissioner
Bureau of R F & A.L.
Hd Qr. Asst. Com. Raleigh N C Aug 1"

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Bu. R.F. & A.L. Office Com of Sus.
Raleigh N.C. July 31" 1865

Almy  Capt Geo. C.

Forwards estimate of rations required in the Bu of R F & A L in this State for July aug & Sept. 1865 [[Footnote 1]]

Respectfully forwarded in accordance with Cir. No. 7 June 19" 1865

E. Whittlesey
Col & Asst. Commissioner
Bureau of R.F. & A.L.
Hd Asst Com Raleigh N.C. Aug. 1" 1865

[[Footnote 1]] Not Recorded

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Raleigh N.C. County of Wake

Houle  Matilda}
       Thos K}

Petition for restoration of property, endorsements by W W Holden Prov. Gov. of North Carolina & Wm H [[?Harrier]] [[Footnote 1]]

Respectfully forwarded.  The parties within named have taken the Amnesty Oath and seem to have been as nearly loyal as any whom I have met.  They have lived near this City since 1864.  Their property therefore was not abandoned by themselves, tho it may have been by the Lessees.  I recommend that it be either restored, or leased to them until such time as all such houses tenements &c shall be ordered restored.

E. Whittlesey
Col & Asst. Commissioner
Bur. R.F. & A.L.
Hd Qrs Asst Com. Raleigh N.C. Aug 1" 1865.

[[Footnote 1]] Not recorded.

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New Berne N.C. July 29" 1865

Morris  Jas. C.

Makes application that his property be restored to him, in accordance with S.O. 75 Dist. of Beaufort June 3d 1865.  By endorsement of Bvt. Brig Genl Bates the property was turned over to Bureau of R F & A.L. & the application referred to Capt H James Supt at New Berne.  Respectfully forwarded by Capt H James to Maj Genl O O Howard Com through E Whittlesey Col & Asst. Com. with recommendation that Mr. Morris have this property restored to him when other original prominent & loud secessionists worth less than 20000 have theirs restored & not before.  In consideration of the illness of the family of Mr. Morris it is recommended that he be allowed to lease the house until it can be restored to him.

Respectfully forwarded, the recommendation of Capt. James is approved.  [[Footnote 1]]

E. Whittlesey
Col & Asst. Commissioner
Bureau of R.F. & A.L.
Hd Qr. Asst. Com. Raleigh N.C. Aug 1" 1865.

[[Footnote 1]] Whittlesey  Col E.

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State of North Carolina
Wilmington July 30 1865

Heaton D}
Kelsea Ora O}

Abandoned property leased by D Heaton & O O Kelsea Supg Specl Agency & Asst. Spcl. Agt Leas. in town of Wilmington New Hanover County N.C.

Respectfully forwarded, the property within named has all been transferred to this Bureau.

E. Whittlesey
Col & Asst Commissioner
Bu R F & A L
Hd Qrs Asst. Com. Raleigh N.C. Aug 1" 1865
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