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Raleigh NC Aug 1" 1865

Bryan  James A.

Petitions for the restoration of his property.  Encloses a letter of introduction from Col. D. Heaton advising that his property be restored. 
Respectfully forwarded with recommendation that the petition be granted.  The letter of Col. Heaton is Satisfactory evidence of Mr. Bryans loyalty.  Most of his property is useless to the Bureau, & the one tract on which Freedmen are living, he promises to leave in their possession till the end of the year, & at that time or now to rent or sell on very reasonable terms.  Mr. Bryan has recd. a special pardon from the President

E. Whittlesey
Col. and Asst. Commissioner
Bu R.F. & A.L. Hd Qrs Asst. Com. of NC
Raleigh Aug 1" 1865

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Wilmington N.C. July 31" 1865

Poipon J.D.

Makes application for the restoration of property, to his sister in law. Forwarded by J. F. Randolph Agent of Bureau, with recommendation that it be granted.  Respectfully forwarded to Maj. Genl. O.O. Howard with recommendation that the within named property be restored.

E. Whittlesey
Col. and Asst. Commissioner
Bu R.F. & A.L. Hd Qrs Asst. Com. 
Raleigh N.C. Aug 2" 1865

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Wilmington N.C. Aug 1" 1865

Meginey   L.

Encloses copy of a petition forwarded sometime since to the Sec of Treas, in behalf of John Brown, for restoration of property.  As that has not been acted upon he requests that the case may be referred to the Commissioner of Abandoned Lands.

Respectfully forwarded to Maj. Genl Howard in my opinion the enclosed petition should be granted whenever any town property is restored.

E. Whittlesey
Col. and Asst. Commissioner
Bu. R F. & A. L. Hd Qrs Asst. Com.
Raleigh NC Aug 4" 1865

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Treas. Dept 6" Spl. Agency
Wilmington N.C. Aug. 2 1865

Randolph   J.F. Agent

Encloses copy of Mr. Nixons petition for restoration of property.  States that Mr. Nixon is represented to have been a very rabid & prominent secessionist, but as he was a farmer he was not actively engaged int he rebellion. [[Footnote 1]]

Respectfully forwarded. The statement of Mr. Randolph my agent at Wilmington is strongly against the petitioner.  Unless all abandoned property is to be restored I cannot recommend that this petition be granted. [[Footnote 2]]

E. Whittlesey
Col. and Asst. Commissioner
Bu R L & A L Hd Qrs Asst Com
Raleigh N.C. Aug 4" 1865

[[Footnote 1]] N. 2.
[[Footnote 2]] Returned Aug. 14 [[His?]] property to be retained as abandoned. E.B.P. 19-77.

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National Freedmens Relief Association
New York July 25 1865

Shaw   Francis Geo. President

Has an application from a lady to found an industrial & farm schools which shall be self supporting. Wishes to know whether any place can be assigned to her with a farm on the scholars can work. 
Respectfully referred to Capt H James who will report as to the feasibility of the project

By command
Fred H Beecher Lt & A A Genl.
Bu R F & A L 
Hd Qrs Asst. Com. Raleigh N.C. Aug 4" 1865.

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Bur. R F & A L Hd Qrs Supt of E. Dist.
New Berne N.C. July 30" 1865

James   Capt Horace
Supt. of Eastrn Dist

States that Mr. S.S. Pennington edition of the Progress, has had all his property restored to him save two rooms, turned over to this Bureau, advises that these also be restored [[Footnote 1]]

Respectfully forwarded the petition of Mr. Pennington was forwarded to the Treas. Agt. The circumstances are peculiar & I think the remnant of property should be restored.

E. Whittlesey
Col. and Asst. Commissioner
Bu. R F & A L Hd Qrs. Asst. Com.
Raleigh N.C. Aug 4" 1865

[[Footnote 1]] EB. P.20-86 C.R. J. 8

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Raleigh N.C. Aug 4" 1865

Perkins   Miss Eliza C.

Petitions for restoration of property cor. of New & Medcalf Sts. New Berne N.C. States that she was prevented by Confederate authorities from going to New Berne after its evacuation by their forces.  Endorsement by R.S. Mason. [[Footnote 1]]

Respectfully forwarded recommended.  This is a case where it is a hardship to retain the property. [[Footnote 2]]

E. Whittlesey
Col. and Asst. Commissioner
Bu R.F. & A.L. Hd Qrs. Asst. Com. 
Raleigh N.C. Aug 4" 1865

[[Footnote 1]] Not Recorded
[[Footnote 2]] EB p. 20 no. 87.

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Roanoke Isld. Aug 1" 1865

Meekins  Isaac C.

Begs leave to call attention to a petition forwarded by him to Sec. of War, from there referred to Genl. Howard and sent from there to the Asst. Com. of N.C. relative to some property belonging to him but seized as abandoned.

Respectfully refferred to Capt. H. James Supt. of Eastn Dist.  The petition of the written named has already been forwarded to your office.

By Command
Fred H Beecher
Lt. A. Asst. Adjt. Genl.
Bureau of R.F. & A.L.
Hd Qrs Asst Commissioner
Raleigh N C Aug 5" 1865

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