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US Sanitary Commission
New Berne NC Aug 3" 1865

Page   J.W./M.D.
U S San. Com.

States that last fall he built next south of the Baptist Church on Middle St. a house which he gave to a Freedwoman named Aunt Charlotte, to live in.  He requests that this house & the lot it is on be secured to her as she is infirm & as a recompense for her good services rendered at the sickly seasons past. 

Referred to the Asst Com by Capt. H. James with information that the house mentioned is on land abandoned by Dr. Hughes, and with recommendation that it be secured to Aunt Charlotte & her kin.  
Respectfully forwarded approved & recommended. [[Footnote 1]]

E. Whittlesey
Col. & Asst. Commissioner
Bu R  & A L Hd Qrs Asst. Com.
Raleigh N.C. Aug 5" 1865

[[Footnote 1]] E.B. p 20-85.

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New Berne N.C. Aug 2" 1865

Allen   Sec. Geo.

Geo. Allen & others board of trustees petition for restoration of Lots 308-9 New Street & 325 Johnston St. with improvements viz Presbytn Church Lecture Room & Parsonage. 

Respectfully forwarded by Capt H James Supt. E.D. with recommendation that the property by restored immediately.  Divine Services have been had there during most of the war, but for three months it has been used as a Hospl the Parsonage has been used for quarters for Surgns. All may be given up.
Respectfully forwarded approved & recommended [[Footnote 1]]

E. Whittlesey
Col & Asst Commissioner
Bu. R.F & A L Hd Qr Asst Com. [[Footnote 2]]
Raleigh NC Aug 5" 1865

[[Footnote 1]] Restored S.O. 44 Bu R.F. & AL. Aug 11" 1865 Order filed one
[[footnote 2]] sent to Capt. H. James

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Hd Qr Station Roanoke Isld.
July 26" 1865

Holman   Col. J.H.

Represents that great need exists at Roanoke isld. of a Steam tug for transportation. Respectfully referred to Col. Holman Comdg Station at Roanoke Isld. Attention invited to endorsement of Capt Thos. P. Johnston, by which it will be seen that an arrangement has been made. [[Footnote 1]]

By Command
Fred H Beecher
Lt & A A A Genl.

[[Footnote 1]] See E.B. p.7, no. 17

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Raleigh N.C. July 20" 1865

Watson   John W.

Petitions for restoration of property situated on Craven St. New Berne NC being part of Lot 52 of that city.  Endorsement by Gov. Holden & Encloses Letter from F L Pennington & others

Respectfully forwarded with recommendation that the petition be granted

E. Whittlesey
Col & Asst Commissioner
Bu. RF & AL Hd Qr. Asst Com. [Footnote 1]]
Raleigh N.C. Aug 7" 1865

[[Footnote 1]] Returned Aug 19" 1865. Property to be restored by command of Maj. Genl OO Howard. E.B. p.19 no. 78

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Hd Qrs. 10" A.C. Dist of Raleigh N.C.
Raleigh N.C. Aug 4" 1865

Carleton Lt Col. Chas. A.

Requests information as to whether he has any knowledge of any Freedmen having been turned away after crops have been laid by; within the Dist of Raleigh N.C.

Respectfully returned with information that many cases of dismission of Freedmen after crops are laid by, have occured in this Dist. by Chatam Co. (3 instances) Johnson (2) Franklin (3) Warrenton (2) Greenville (2).

E. Whittlesey
Col & Asst. Commissioner

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Bureau of R F & A L Hd Qrs Asst Com. Va
Richmond Va July 31" 1865

Brown   Col. O.
Asst. Commssr. of Va

Forwards application of Mrs. H. Fontaine for the return of her child supposed to be at Charlotte N.C. with request that if found she be sent to her mother in Richmond  Respectfully referred to Capt. John C. Barnitt Asst. Supt of Charlotte with request that the within named Sally Fontaine if found, be taken care of until she can be sent to her mother in Richmond, and for report.

By Command
Fred H Beecher
Lt & A.A.A. Genl.

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New York July 27" 1865

Allen   Geo.

Applies for restoration of property in New Berne N C. [[Footnote 1]]

Respectfully referred to Col. E. Whittlesey Asst. Com. of N.C. who will guide himself by Cir. no 13 July 28 Bu. of R F & A L. & report action.

Respectfully referred to Capt. H. James Supt. of Eastn. Dist. for report of facts in this case.

By Command
Fred H Beecher
Lt & A.A.A. Genl.
Bureau R F & A L Hd Qrs Asst. Commissioner
Raleigh N.C. Aug 8" 1865

[[Footnote 1]] 2 enclosures Letter & oath of allegiance of D. Heaton Lease Agt. of approval

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New Berne --

Roberts   Mary E.

Applies for restoration of property situated in New Berne NC. [[Footnote 1]]
Respectfully referred to Col E. Whittlesey Asst. Commissioner who will be guided in his actions by Cir no 13 July 28" 1865 Bu. R F & A L. & for report.

Respectfully referred to Capt H James Supt. Eastrn. Dist for report of facts in this case

By Command
Fred H Beecher
Lt & AAA Genl
Bureau RF & AL
Hd Qrs Asst Commissioner
Raleigh N.C. Aug 8" 1865

[[Footnote 1]] Recd Bu. R F & A L Aug 1" 1865
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