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Now. The lowest 'tar' of all cigarettes.

It is the lowest in 'tar' and nicotine
of all cigarettes.
Now. It also delivers real smoking satisfaction. The flavor is mild and pleasant.
Now. It reaches a new degree of easy draw for a cigarette so low in 'tar' and nicotine.
Now. It has a unique specially designed filter that makes all this possible for the first time.
Now. It comes in both filter and menthol. Whichever you smoke, you now get the lowest 'tar' and nicotine
with Now.
Now. If you're interested in lowest 'tar' and nicotine, sooner or later this could be your kind of cigarette. Why not now?

[[image: color photograph of a pack of NOW Filter Cigarettes next to an opened pack of NOW Menthol Cigarettes]]
2 mg. 'tar',  .2 mg. nicotine

Now, Now is the lowest.

[[copyright symbol]] 1976――R.J. REYNOLDS TOBACCO CO.

Warning: The Surgeon General Has Determined That Cigarette Smoking Is Dangerous to Your Health.

FILTER MENTHOL: 2 mg. "tar", .2 mg. nicotine,
av. per cigarette by FTC method. 


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situations of my slightly revised libretto. I also changed the period of the show from 1915 to 1913. My reason for doing that was that I wanted to recapture the lost innocence of the pre-World War I years――the innocence of my characters――best expressed in the charming Kern song that was my main reason for reviving this gem: 'Babes in The Wood.'"

Another "must" in reviving old shows, according to the director, is the necessity for focusing the story line. "In Sunny," Bill said, "Marilyn Miller, the star, didn't make her entrance for over twenty minutes. That's too long. The audience has to know as soon as possible, who they're supposed to care about in the show. I trim all the fat out of the introductory scenes, so that the main characters are onstage as quickly as possible. Also, there are many topical phrases of by-gone eras in these musicals that mean nothing today. In Sunny, there was a strange reference to a product that no amount of research could uncover. After the show closed, we discovered that it was a British auto tire popular in the 1920's. In Girl Crazy, the big plot joke was recurring assassinations of the local sheriff. These days, assasinations aren't funny, so I had to cut down on them and have them occur off-stage.

Bill feels that the revival of Good News on Broadway failed because the focus was shifted from the college kids to their teachers――Alice Faye and John Payne/Gene Nelson. Also, the time was changed from the carefree Twenties to the Depression Thirties, which killed the madcap quality of the original. "At Goodspeed," Bill recalled, "we kept the jazz sound of the Twenties and focused on the kids. The adults just crossed the stage a few times. And it worked."

One aspect of Very Good Eddie which is exactly as it was in the Princess Theatre production of 1915 is the overture. Said Bill: "We have the same instruments that were in the original pit and the same orchestrations, thanks to the Tams-Witmark Music Library."

"What about the startling pause in the overture――between numbers?" we asked. 

"Yes," he replied, "that's in the original orchestration. It was a necessary pause to give the musicians time to turn their music pages."


The biggest TV entertainment event of the year! Bell Telephone "JUBILEE!"
Starring Bing Crosby and Liza Minnelli.

[[images: small black and white photographs: Bing Crosby to the left; Liza Minelli to the right]] 

Bringing together many of the greatest entertainers in the history of television on the 100th anniversary of the telephone. 

Guest appearances by * Roy Clark * Eydie Gorme * Joel Grey * Marvin Hamlisch
* Steve Lawrence * Ben Vereen. 

Famous performances by: * Maurice Chevalier     * Ethel Merman
* Louis Armstrong       * Duke Ellington        * Anthony Newley        
* Fred Astaire          * Peggy Fleming         * Donald O'Connor
* Harry Belafonte       * Lena Horne            * Robert Preston
* Ray Bolger            * Burl Ives             * Andre Previn
* Eric Bruhn            * Mahalia Jackson       * Carl Sandburg
* Diahann Carroll       * The Lennon Sisters    * Joan Sutherland    
* Pablo Casals                                    And many more...

[[underline]] March's [[/underline]] Bell System Family Theatre [[image: Bell logo]] March 26, 8:30 NBC-TV



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