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[add covers both left and right pages and needs to be treated as one page]
[left side] [full page]
female model photograph
[lower left of page]
LANCOME [^ of O] [picture of rose]  [in rectangle 
  PARIS                              rounded ends]         
                                    shop at
[right side] [full page]
[top right] LANCOME [^ over O]

Reveal [large font] sensationally soft skin with pure Vitamin C.
[right justified] Poreless. Flawless. Even-toned.

[to left] [black bar with white print in it] NEW
[line from black bar to bottom of text with line at right angle at end]

[following medium font]
Experience sensational skin.  Introducing
Lancome's [^ over o] most advanced form of pure
Vitamin C: a unique time-release supply 
of pure C that your skin can draw from 
all day to reveal soft, healthy-looking skin.
. From the first touch, skin is incredibly soft.
. Immediately, skin is even-toned
. Over time, imperfections seem to fade.
  Pores appear to vanish.
  RESULT: Skin is refined, renewed, restored. 
[downward vertical line at right angle to to line over the following text with upward vertical line at right angle]  BELIEVE IN BEAUTY [R symbol superscript after beauty]

[half page centered behind text]
picture of rose with zipper
[to right of page]
photograph of product bottle with text 
    Continuous-C [SMALLER FONT]
   Perfecting Complex [SMALLER FONT]
 Refines-Renews-Restores [SMALLER FONT] 

to left of product bottle is top
grey band with LANCOME [^ over O] printed in white  
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