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A Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees was held on December 1, 1937. At this meeting Mr. E. Kenneth Burnett was duly appointed Assistant to the Director with authority to act in place of the Director in case of the latter's absence. 

At this meeting the Chairman reported that negotiations conducted under the auspices of the Bureau of Indian Affairs had been successfully concluded with the Water Buster Clan of the Hidasta Indians as to the terms of a proposed exchange of the Sacred Medicine Bundle for some article authoritatively antique and valuable for its traditional Indian associations. These negotiations were summarized in a communication, dated November 16, 1937, from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, signed by Mr. John Herrick, Assistant to the Commissioner, and provided for the closing of the transaction by the delivery of the Sacred Medicine Bundle to duly accredited representatives of the Water Buster Clan, who should make a presentation to the Museum. As a condition to the exchange, it was agreed that if at any time the Water Buster Clan desires to dispose of the Sacred Medicine Bundle of the Hidasta, it must first be offered to our Museum for re-exchange for the article which the Clan is to turn over to the Museum as above. It is also clearly understood that the proposed exchange is in no way a recognition on the part of our Museum of any legal or moral obligation to return the