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Bundle to the Clan, but was done solely for the purpose of cementing the cordial relationship which has always existed between the Museum and the various Indian tribes. A resolution was unanimously adopted, ratifying and confirming the negotiations as reported by the Chairman.

A Regular Meeting of the Board was held on February 1, 1938. At this meeting the Chairman reported that the exchange in connection with the return of the Hidatsa Medicine Bundle had taken place on January 14, 1938, in accordance with the authorization given by the Board. 

The Chairman further reported upon the gift as a Memorial to the late Dr. Joseph J. Asch by Mrs. Joseph J. Asch of the entire collection of her deceased husband of Indian material from the Southwest. In recognition of Mrs. Asch's making a gift to our Institution of so important a Collection having an intrinsic value far in excess of an amount necessary to qualify her for Life Membership, Mrs. Asch was duly and unanimously elected a Life Member of the Institution.

At each meeting of the Board during the fiscal year, the Treasurer presented his interim financial statements which were examined, approved and ordered filed and also the portfolios of the various Endowment Funds, which were likewise examined and discussed.