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Technical Staff:

Additions - February 1, 1938   William F. Stiles

Resignations - March 1, 1938   Donald B. Cordry

Building Staff:

Additions - November 8, 1937   Matthew Richardson Floor Man

Dr. Bruno Oetteking remains as curator of the Physical Anthropological Department, without salary.


[[underlined]] Florida [[/underlined]]. Through the generosity of the Museum's Secretary, Mr. Seward, an archaeological expedition was made possible to the vicinity of Punta Gorda, on the west coast, under charge of Mr. Charles O. Turbyfill. In all, fourteen mounds were investigated but with meager results; the few shell implements and potsherds that were recovered, however, showing an ancient culture.

Near Fort Lauderdale, on the east coast, Mr. William C. Orchard made several excavations and unearthed a number of burials, but without any accompaniments. A banner stone and a stone gorget were recovered, besides