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Mrs. Harry Adler - A miscellaneous collection of ethnological specimens.

Mrs. Joseph J. Asch - The large and comprehensive collection of both ethnology and archaeology from the southwestern states, made by her late husband, Dr. Asch, over a number of years. It contains many rare and unique specimens.

Mr. Raymond Winthrop Rose Austin - A miscellaneous collection of ethnology from the United States.

Dr. Marion Eppley - A Collection of archaeology from Rhode Island.

Mr. William F. Stiles - A valuable collection of archaeology, mostly from the Pelham Bay region.

Mrs. Robert H. White - Archaeological specimens from Jakyl Island, Georgia.


While in Europe this summer the Director was fortunate enough to obtain some very rare archaeological objects from Mexico and Central America, as well as ethnological specimens from Canada and the United States, among which are outstanding pieces of very old quill work.

Miss Grace E. Allen - A miscellaneous collection of ethnology.

Dr. W. C. Barnard - A large collection of Bluff Dweller material from the Ozarks.