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E. M. Brodhurst - Ethnological specimens from the Northwest coast, including two rare house posts.

Museum Purchase - A collection of 110 pottery specimens excavated in the vicinity of Henderson County, Texas.

William Schaeffler - A large collection of ethnology from the Yahua, Cashibo, Piro, Chama and Campa tribes of Peru.

Sasha A. Siemel - A comprehensive ethnological collection from the Bororo, Cadioeos and Parecis Indians of Brazil.


A typical exhibit of pottery from the southeastern part of the United States was made to the Brooklyn Museum for a period of over four months.

To the Baltimore Museum of Art there was loaned for a month some Maya figurines.


Through arrangements made with the Office of Indian Affairs of Washington, three delegates of the Hidatsa Sioux tribe were received on January 14, 1938 for the purpose of exchanging with them their tribe's