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the name of this Institution.

At each meeting of the Board during the fiscal year the Treasurer presented his interim financial statements which were examined, approved and ordered filed. He also presented the portfolio of the various endowment funds which were likewise examined and discussed.

In presenting his report the Treasurer at each meeting called the attention of the Board to the insufficiencies of the income to meet the current needs of the Institution and that it had been necessary to borrow from principal accounts uninvested cash to meet present obligations. Means of reducing expenses and of raising funds to meet the deficits were discussed but action thereon deferred until the annual meeting.

[[underlined]] REPORT OF ATTENDANCE. [[/underlined]]

The Museum was closed to the public during July and August last summer, as has been our usual custom.

For last Fiscal Year, April 1, 1941 - March 31, 1942

April... 2,134
May... 1,655
June... 1,060
July... 39
August... 45
September... 1,363
October... 1,639
November... 1,610
December... 1,318
January... 1,136
February... 1,114
March... [[underline]]1,248[[/underline]]  
Total  14,361
Annex Attendance [[underline]]341[[/underline]]
Grand Total  14,702

For previous Fiscal Year the attendance was   18,990
Total since opening the Museum 739,886

57 special groups of schools, clubs, etc. visited the Museum. The discontinuance of visiting groups from New York City public schools after December 7th accounts for drop in group and in general attendance figures.

Inquiries by letter, telephone or in person, regarding Indian subjects were answered through the year to a total of 912.

The Museum remains open to the public from 2:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. on week days.