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Through exchange or subscription we now receive 140 different serials.

During the year we have had bound 148 volumes at a cost of $395.25.

[[underlined]] PUBLICATIONS [[/underlined]]

In July 1948 we distributed Indian Notes and Monographs, vol. XI, no. 3, "A Collection of Specimens from the Teton Sioux," by Frances Densmore. Additionally, we issued a new card in our Post Card series and hope to produce four more through the current year. An exhaustive Index to the seven volumes of Indian Notes is ready for the printer and should be ready for distribution in the early Autumn of 1949.

The sale of publications amounted to $587.60 and of the post cards, to $131.15. The mailing folder mentioned in last year's report continues to be popular with visitors.

[[underlined]] PHOTOGRAPHIC DEPARTMENT [[/underlined]]

Moving picture film, negative  (None added during the year) 20,135 feet
Moving picture film, positive (None added during the year) 35,371 feet
Sound film (None added during the year)  3,800 feet
Negatives (An increase of 185 during the year)  25,144
Glass positives  [[underlined]] 63 [[/underlined]]   25,207

Prints  (An increase of 474 during the year) 17,758

Lantern slides (None added during the year)   1,381
Koda-chrome film slides    [[underlined]] 106 [[/underlined]    1,487

Transcription Notes:
I find it interesting that the word postcard is written as two words ("post card"). Just food for thought: perhaps it's true that more recent terms entering the English language are either first written as two words or a hyphenated word before prevalent (lazy?) usage turns it into one compound word (for instance, the linguistic evolution of e-mail to email).

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