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Whitehall N.Y.
Aug 28 1952

The Museum of the American Indian


It is sometime since I have called on your society for information, in view of the fact that it has always been forth coming I am trying again.

I have just recieved a bulletin from Mr. Wm A Ritchie, it is a late one on the classification of the Cultures as to their dates of occupation in New York State.

I was surprised to see that none ^[[very old]] have been discovered in the eastern part of the state. I have a great deal of material from a site or rather three or four sites on Lake Bomoseen which is in the Central Western Vermont just north of the highway between Whitehall and Rutland Vt. 

There are gouges, adzes, grooveless axes  many of the large stemmed and notched points even to one very nice Folsom type.

There are banner stones, one broken about the time the hole was started, another finished with still some polish on one side, this one is of a greenish granite. There are many pieces of both cord marked and otherwise designed pottery. In fact all the material shown in the bulletin as Lamoka or Laurentian can be duplicated in my collection and there seems to be plenty of evidence that not only were they used here extensively they were also made on the sites.