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the subject to Capt Scammon protesting against it.  The sick one was taken back but the other, whose disease may at any time breakout affresh was sent ashore 
The continued hate of the Indians for the Russians caused by the introduction of small pox over fifty years ago and the war like attitude of the Chilcuts threatening serious interruption to the progress of the line resulting from the introduction of the scarlet-fever from an American trader; these are sufficiently strong examples of the danger of leaving in the country a fearful disease which has ever 

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devastated as by five the natives of every country where [[strikethrough]] by [[/strikethrough]] it has been introduced-  I would again protest against the crime of bringing such a calamity upon an unsuspecting and innocent people -
On the [[blank space]] of [[blank space]] I left the Redoubt in company with Capt. Ketchum for Unalakleut arriving the  [[blank space]].  After some delay preparations were made to leave for Nulats  According to my programme approved by you I choose that place for my headquarters 
Capt Ennis, by your direction appointed me an assis