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John L. Read

The Emily Farnham (a brig) followed the Jas. R. Whiting ([[strikethrough]] Ottinger [[?]] [[/strikethrough]])and the Eclipse into Humboldt bay, arriving on the 2d. June. 1850. During the same season the Schrs Reindeer, Susan Wardler & several others. 
All the early vessels were in search of Trinidad bay, into which the river Trinity was supposed to enter. They commenced exploring at once. An Indian whom they called Blue Jacket, took them up to the junction of the main Trinity and south fork & a trail was cut in May to the S. Fork by Kelsey, Liscom and others. 

Previous to the entry of any vessel into the [[strikethrough]] river [[/strikethrough]] bay, the Paragon, in search of the same river was wrecked above Point St George. She was one of the first vessels that left San Francisco for the purpose Charles Liscom and Thomas Peince were in her. The Cameo took them off at stopped at Trinidad. There were persons already there and several vessels had stopped. The Paragon was on her way up the coast when she was lost. The Cameo then came down and lay off the bay & Liscom & others entered in a whale boat. Ottinger had gone in two or three days before. The land party from Sonoma, Kelsey Sandsbury and others arrived soon after Ottinger's party laid out Humboldt. The

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Eureka party came afterwards in the Eclipse. The party from Sonoma laid out Bucksport and Union.

John M. Whaley. 

Griggs party in the winter of 1849-50 were Josiah Grigg, Chas. Southard, Lewis K. Woods Van Dusen, Isaac Wilson, Sebring and David A. Buck & [[strikethrough]] others [[/strikethrough]] Truesdale
When they separated, Gregg, Southard & Van Dusen & he thinks two more went in one party, Wilson, Sebring & Buck in the other.
The party on their first arrival went down the beach to the entrance, supposing the bay to be a lagoon. They then returned & camped on Christmas day at Union beneath a large pine tree, now cut down then went round the bay to Bucksport & about a week after broke up.

On their report, principally Buck's, the town of Sonoma offered a reward of 2 or 3000 for any one to effect a passage through from there to the bay with wagons, and A. J. Huestis started with a party and a number of wagons to attempt it. About a fortnight after it was stated in San Francisco that a road  had actually been cut, Alexander Patterson & a party, 12 in all