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Author: (Thunb.) Steud.

Slide Number: 2480

Processing Date:

Processing Technique:

Herbarium Abbreviation:

Herbarium Name:

Herbarium Number: NA

Collection Date:

Genus: Alnus

Species: japonica






Precise Locality:

Transcription Notes:
Notation on the card states "see slide" What field would be used for this notation In what field would you add Thunberg and Steudel? The instructions indicate that the "see slide" doesn't need to be transcribed. The "(Thunb.) Steud." are the authors of the plant name. I've asked the Transcription Center to clarify the instructions as I find them a little confusing. I've been following the "If abbreviated, please transcribe as written." as my guiding light. I hope this helps! Have added NA for herbarium number and collector unknown to collector field-@siobhanleachman

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