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Author: Nees

Slide Number: 18076

Processing Date:

Processing Technique:

Herbarium Abbreviation: MO

Herbarium Name: Missouri Botanical Garden

Herbarium Number: 2137

Collection Date:

Genus: Aphelandra

Species: sinclairiana


Country: PA




Precise Locality: Canal Zone

Transcription Notes:
Not sure where to put the extra text below the mounting media line. I've edited to shift the "Canal Zone" to the precise locality (even though it's not that precise) following the process of previous herbarium projects of using to find the official territory of the locality. Unfortunately here "Canal Zone" is a historic designation that now falls within several current territories of Panama so I've had to leave the territory box blank. I've edited the 2137 out of the Herbarium number box as this appears to be the collector number rather than the herbarium number. I've added in the 1774 as this appears to be a much more likely candidate for this box (although I'd love confirmation from the TC on this!) I'm also assuming that the Mounting media is part of the processing technique. Again, confirmation would be gratefully received! -@siobhanleachman Hi @siobhanleachman, thanks for the Qs! Per STRI guidance, please enter the handwritten information in this Notes field, rather than in the processing technique and other fields. Thanks! @meghaninmotion/TC team Mounting media: Canadian balsam Pollen description: E. Moreno April, 2010 C. Jaramillo Database ID #1774

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