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BILL OF SALE OF VESSEL,or any part thereof, consideration
of value not over $500 | .50
Every add'l $500, or part thereof, 50 cents more. |

BOND OF INDEMNITY,every $1000, or part thereof | .50

BOND, for the execution of the duties of any office | 1.00

BOND, other than required in the legal proceedings, or
use in connection with mortgage deeds, and
not otherwise charged | .25

CERTIFICATE OF STOCK, in incorporated company | .25

CERTIFICATE OF PROFITS, or any certificate or memorandum showing an interest in the property or accumulations of any incorporated company, if for $10 and not over $50  | .10
Over $50 and not over $1,000 | .25
Every add'l $1,000, or part thereof, 25 cents more. |

CERTIFICATE OF DAMAGE, or otherwise, and all other certificates or documents issued by any port warden, marine surveyor, or person acting as such | .25

CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT, $100 or less | .02
Over $100 | .05

(Certificates of measurement or weight of animals, wood, coal, or other articles, except Gaugers', Measurers', and Weighers' returns; Certificates of Record of Deed or other instrument in writing, or acknowledgement thereof, by attesting witness, require no stamp.) |

CERTIFICATE, of any other description | .05

CHARTER PARTY, (or renewal &c. of same,) contract or agreement for charter of vessel or steamer of registered tonnage, not over 150 tons  | 1.00
Over 150 and not over 300 tons  | 3.00
Over 300 and not over 600 tons  | 5.00
Over 600 tons | 10.00

CONTRACT, Broker's note, or memorandum of sale of merchandise, stocks, bonds, exchange, notes, real estate, or other property issued by brokers, or persons acting as such, each | .10

CONVEYANCE.-Deed or writing, whereby any lands, tenements, or other realty sold is granted, assigned, or transferred, for every $500, or part thereof | .50

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ENTRY OF GOODS, at any custom house, for consumption or warehousing, of value over $100 | .25
Over $100 and not over $500 | .50
Over 500 | 1.00

WITHDRAWAL from bonded warehouse  |.50

GAUGERS' RETURNS, if for not over 500 gallons gross, | .10
Over 500 gallons | .25

INSURANCE, (Marine, Inland, and Fire).-Each policy or renewal, (or assignment, &c. of same,) on which premium is $10 or less | .10
Over $10 and not over $50 | .25
Over 50 | .50

INSURANCE (Life).-Policy, (or assignment, &c. of same,) not over $1,000 | .25
Over $1,000 and not over $5000 | .50
Over 5,000 | 1.00

(Tickets or contracts of insurance limited to fatal or non-fatal injury to persons while travelling; also, deposit notes to Mutual Insurance Companies, for insurance upon which policies subject to stamp duties are issued, require no stamp.) |

LEASE, (or assignment, &c. of same,) agreement, memorandum, or contract, for the hire, use, or rent of land, tenement, or portion thereof, when rent or rental value is not over $300 per annum, | .50
Every add'l $200, or part thereof, 50 cents more. |

MANIFEST, for custom house entry or clearance of vessel's cargo for foreign port, (except to British North America,) tonnage not over 300 tons | 1.00
Over 300 and not over 600 tons | 3.00
Over 600 tons | 5.00

MEASURERS' RETURNS, if for not over 1,000 bushels | .10
Over 1,000 bushels | .25

MORTGAGE, (or assignment, &c of same,) Trust Deed, or Personal Bond, for the payment of money, over $100 and not over $500 | .50
Every add'l $500, or part thereof, 50 cents more. |
TRUST DEED conveying estate to uses, to be stamped as a conveyance. |

PASSAGE TICKET, to foreign port, (except British North America,) costing $35 or less | .50
Over $35 and not over $50 | 1.00
Every add'l $50, or part thereof, $1 more. |
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