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[[underlined]] Molt 5 Aug 25[[/underlined]] Hd higher than wide, narrowing to vertex flattened in front & depressed at sutures of [[triangle]] pl above like [[underlined]] Datana. [[underlined]]
Smooth, very shiny, light orange, mouth parts yellow, eyes black W2.3mm Joint 12 has a dorsal orange bump with a few minute tubercles, anal feet elevated 
Body yellow green, a s-d & stig yellow barred 2-11, edged on both sides with black, interruptedly before stig. A dorsal & lateral black line. J 13 bluish, black line present but broken into spots, traces of s-v & ventral lines in spots. anal plate yellow tipped brown; no c.s lines

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* The [[female symbol]] lays eggs in slight amt. of gummy subs (which reprisents froth of leucostigma) and rubs her body over the mass leaving all the hair covering the eggs. 
(BB 199 cont) [[checkmark]] [[double underlined]] Copied [[/double underlined]]
8' pupa Cylindrical. the abd seg [[topery?]], the eye & wing cases & antennae cases especially prominent. A little depressed behind thorax. Semitransparent shiny [[insertion]] ^ yellowish [[/insertion]] whiteish. the back covered with long thin silky white hairs. Cremaster flat, terminating in several brown hooks well fastened in the silk of cocoon.
L.12 mm W 5 mm [[checkmark]] (Hd from 'coon 2.8)
[[female symbol]] [[underlined]] imago [[/underlined]] 1st, [[male symbol]] [[underlined]] imago Aug 27 [[female symbol]] imago [[/underlined]] Aug 29 Of structure of [[underlined]] leucostigma [[/underlined]] but not white, the color of the down which is especially abundant on the ventral side is light brown. A small black spot on the 2nd abd. seg. Rudimentary wings dark [[checkmark]] ancreous.
[[underlined]] Aug 30 [[/underlined]]
Eyes black. [[underlined]] Eggs [[/underlined]] nearly spherical, the top a little flattened [[checkmark]] a large central brownish spot with a paler dot at apex of egg, surrounded by a concentri concolorous ring. Diam 1 mm. covered with the brown hairs of the moth which seem to be gummed on as are the eggs to each other & the 'coon.* Contrasts with froth covered eggs of [[underlined]] leucostigma [[/underlined]] and the naked ones of [[underlined]] nova [[/underlined]]. 
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