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Hd. by calc ([[line above]] 3.3 [[/line above]] ratio .7) 1, 1.6, 2.3, [[line above]] 3.3 [[/line above]]
Copied in common larva book
Eggs laid by tied mated [[female symbol]] Platysamia promethia on sassafras July 6, 1890 
Elliptical flattened above & below or a little depressed. Shiny pale creamy white, not punctured and not smeared with any brown fluid as is Cecropia. L. 1.9 mm W. 1.5. H. 1.3
[[underline]] Hatched July 19 [[/underline]] [[overwritten]] 1 [[/overwritten]] Hd black, labria and palp. white & a longitudinal line passing just above the eyes. W 1 mm
Body yellow, a [[strikethrough]] double [[/strikethrough]] transverse black band on ant & post part of each seg. [[beavie?]] at extremities. Three rows of tubercle tipped by spines, on j 12 one dorsal & 2 rows. yellow in center of body, black at ends, all spines black. L 4
(2 - 1.5+)
[[underline]] Molt July 26 [[/underline]] [[overwritten]] 2 [[/overwritten]] As before. Hd 1.7 mm.  The tubercles are black on 2, 3, & 12 [[strikethrough]] including those on anal plate [[/strikethrough]] the rest yellow but the sharp fine radiate spines are brownish or [[checkmark]] paler. The

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coon & silk in curled leaf fastened to twig by a [[banal?]] [[checkmark] of silk spun along the leaf stalk.

ground color fades to white as the stg advances. [[underline]] Molt July 31 [[/underline]] [[overwritten]] 3 [[/overwritten]] Hd pale yellow or tinged with deeper yellow, [[image - triangle symbol]]pl & mouth parts white, 2 longitudinal black bands more or less interrupted one above mouth 
[[insertion]] & a vertical broad one at sides post. [[/insertion]]
the other above [[image - triangle]] plate, consisting of 2 spots
Body white, tubercles in 3 rows and 4th row above base of legs on 2 - 4 with radiate spines at top black as also the 2 on anal plate but row [[circled]] 1 [[/circled]] on 3 & 4 and the dorsal on 12 larger yellow with a black ring around the base. Legs all yellow[[strikethrough]]ish [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] ^ the abd with a black shot outwardly [[strikethrough]] tho with a black mouth as long vertically. [[/strikethrough]] 
A few [[insertion]] small [[/insertion]] black dorsal spots at extremities. W hd. 2.3 (2.5 - 2+)
Anal feet with a [[overwritten]] [[check mark]] [[/overwritten]] black angulated line [[arrow with line indicating insertion]] & aloft at the summit [[/insertion]].
[[underline]] Molt Aug 4 [[/underline]] [[overwritten]] 4 [[/overwritten]] Hd yellow with traces of thin brown marks in 4 black spots. [[Taken?]] white bordered above with black antenna white eyes black.
W 3.3 mm Body green & white, warts as before, the black ones small The dorsal on 3 & 4 large, smooth coral red with a black ring at base. The dorsal one on 12 yellow with black ring. Feet & [[strikethrough]] anal plate yellow [[/strikethrough]] joint 13 yellow. The abd. each with a black spot & anal feet with a black [[image - triangle]] broken at the lower anterior corner. At [[wing?]] body whitish green a pale blue ring around each tubercle with [[twer?]] of a substig line through [[checkmark]] row [[circled]] 3 [[/circled]]
[[underline]] Coon Aug 13 [[/underline]]

Transcription Notes:
Removed [[insertion]] (2 - 1.++) [[/insertion]] as has been written above the line as (2 - 1.5+). -@siobhanleachman

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