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Hds by calc ([[line above]] 2.8 [[/line above]] ratio .7)
  .47 .67 .96 1.37 1.96 [[line above]] 2.8 [[/line above]] 4 ([[female symbol]] only)
We have - .7  1.0  1.5  2.1  2.8  3.5!
Copied 3/9/91  199 = [[underlined]] Orgyia definita [[/underlined]]
Two [[beaded?]] ogyia on sassafras July [[underline]] 6. 1890 [[overwritten in black]] 3 [[/overwritten]] [[/underline]] Hd. pale yellowish, jaws black W. 9 mm. Warts as in mature or as in BB 196, small, concolorous. Two large ones on joint 2 bear thin pencils of plumed black hairs and a similar pencil mixed with brown hair on joint 12. Body pale whitish a yellowish s-d band on first segs. and a strg band whole length wider on 5, 6, & 7. Three dorsal deep yellow tufts of joints 5, 6 & 7. Warts bear thin whitish hair L. 10 mm Retractile warts on 10 & 11 whitish [[checkmark]] with a blackish shade around them.
[[underline]] Molt July 7 [[/underline]] [[overwritten in black]] 4 [[/overwritten]] Hd pale yellow, eyes black, jaws brown, a small brown shade above labrum: W. 1.5 mm Body as before but shaded with blackish in dorsal band and laterally. Tufts 4 on joints 5, 6, 7, 8 dark yellow Hair

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Hds by calc ([[line above]] 2.8 [[/line above]] ratio .75) [[underline]] cpd [[/underline]]
.52 .71 .956 1.27 1.58 2.1 [[line above]] 2.8 [[/line above]] 3.7 ([[female symbol]] only)
Have - .7 1.0 - 1.5 2.1 2.8 3.5

long, whitish. Cervical spot pale yellow Retractile warts [[checkmark]] whitish. L. 12 mm
[[underline]] Molt July 12 [[/underline]] [[overwritten in black]] 5 [[/overwritten]] As before W hd 2.7 mm Between the yellow dorsal tufts are a series of velvety black spots, concealed unless the insect is disturbed. The dorsum is gray, [[broadly?]] so anteriorly but [[insertion]] ^ parts [[/insertion]] replaced by a [[insertion]] ^ yellow [[/insertion]] s-d band on joints 9-13. The lateral region is gray the warts whitish and partly surrounded by yellow, and a narrow [[checkmark]] stig. band. 

[199 [[underline]] A July 13 [[/underline]] Hd pale whitish, eyes black mouth brown W. .7 mm Body has warts small except 2 large ones on joint 2 bearing 2 or 3 short plumed black hairs [[insertion]] ^ also dorsal 12 [[/insertion]]. All the rest bear a few long white ones Body pale whitish, retractile warts whitish 
Traces on two anterior [[checkmark]] dorsal tufts on 5,6.] 
[ [[underline]] A molt July 19 [[/underline]], Hd brown] [[underline]] Another [[/underline]] [[overwritten in black]] 6 [[/overwritten]] Hd 2.8 (2.5+.3-) Hd pale yellow, shiny; labrum & antennae white. Body pale yellow A pale, almost colorless dorsal [[checkmark]] band

Transcription Notes:
Reviewed. Removed 'r' from argyia on 2nd line, b/c I didn't see it written, even tho he prob meant it? - GigglePop! Changed "Argyia" and "agyia" to "Orgyia" and "ogyia". Also changed the annotation of the black numbers that presumably indicate instars, to make it clearer that these are not dates. -@mnathan

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