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* [[brown?]] divergent hooks. No wing cases, leg cases small. Color semitransparent shiny very pale yellowish with no marks. Over the dorsum considerable fine rather long (2 mm) whitish [[strikethrough]] downy [[strikethrough]] [[insertion]] silky [[/insertion]] hair. L 18 mm greatest [[checkmark]] diam 8 mm 
[See under 197]

absent on 2 where it is replaced by the pale yellow c-spot containing 2 darker yellow wart, narrow & [[germish?]] on 3, 4 widening & enclosing the [[insertion]] ^ yellow [[/insertion]] dorsal tufts on 5-8, narrower 9-12, enclosing the concolorous tubercles on 10 & 11, absent [[on 13?]] A narrow s-d & fainter stig similarly colored line. These bands are in [[some?]] more or less blackish  [[insertion]] ^ or black, blue gray or dark brown [[/insertion]] and there is a velvety black spot bet. dorsal tufts on joints 6, 7 & 8.  Warts all [[insertion]] ^ pale [[/insertion]] yellow. Pencils on j. 2 long, plumed, black, that on 12 of light brown hair with a few long black plumed ones on its back [[insertion]] post [[/insertion]] side Other hair [[thin?]], long, [[checkmark]] white.   Ckd 12/18/90

[[underline]] Molt Aug 5 [[overwritten]] 7 [[/overwritten]]  [[/underline]] Hd pale yellow minutely mottled with grayish spots, [[?]] antenna & spot below eyes white, eyes & [[jaw?]] black. W 3.5 mm Body as before. The warts in c-spot are not distinctly darker. The dorsal blackist [[insertion]] or pale gray [[/insertion]] shade is in triplicate on 3 & 4.  Spiracles white in fine black border. Body often bright yellow, dorsal tufts yellow pale & even hair yellowish. [[checkmark]] (Another hd 3.5 mm) [[underlined]] Coon. Aug 10 [[/underlined]] of silk & hair, double [[but this the J?]] seen through. [[checkmark]] [[underlined]] Pupa Aug 12 [[/underlined]] [[female symbol]] Robust, thickest through 2-4 abd segs, thorax 2 [[hd?]] small, rest of body smaller near even width, last segs rounded, cremaster flat rather broad at base, terminating in a [[wit?]] [[checkmark]] of  *

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[[top margin note]] Calc 1.17 1.78 2.70 4.09 [[underlined]] 6.2 [[/underlined]] v.66    
found   -    -  2.6  4.2  6.2 [[arrow from note to "W.26" on fourth line below]] greater 2.5 less 3


Little luna on butternut Ulster Co
[[underlined]] July 7 [[/underlined]] Hd. minutely pilose sparsely, leaf green.  Eyes whitish on  black ground, mouth brown & black. W [[image - line ending in arrow to top margin note]] 2.6 Body enlarged dorsally on each seg especially on 3 & 4, three rows of [[insertion]] ^ segmentary [[/insertion]] tubrecels bearing one or more spiny hairs
[[circled]] 1 [[/circled]] s-d, on 12 only one tubercle dorsal
[[circled]] 2 [[/circled]] lateral absent on j2  [[circled]] 3 [[/circled]] sub stig absent on 13 and a minute one on joints 2, 3 & 4 above bases of legs. Rows [[circled]] 1 [[/circled]] & [[circled]] 3 [[/circled]] rose color, row [[circled]] 2 [[/circled]] greenish Hair black. Body [[insertion]] ^ translucent [[/insertion]] yellowish green a sub stig pale yellow based, just below spiracles. Posteriorly on each joint 5-11 is a similarly colored transverse line also on anal plate.  Tho. feet brown shaded with black. abd. green with a black line and yellowish shade above it outside Length 20 mm  [[underlined]] Molt July 8 [[/underlined]] Hd 
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