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nearly equally developed. L. 10 mm.  [[underline]] One [[/underline]] molt July 24 Hd 1.5 As the others the reddish color all disappears. [[underline]] Other ^[[big]] Molt July 26 [[/underline]] Hd pale green [[eyes?]] black mouth & palps white W 2.1 mm. ^[[(2+, 2.5 much -)]] Body folded in seg. sutures like fast. cat. Anal feet horizontal ([[underline]] not [[/underline]] aborted) A s-d yellow stripe j 2 to anal plate broken into two elongated spots per seg. Pale greenish with darker green irregular spots, distinguished by a glass 
[[underline]] Molt July 31 [[/underline]] Same. Hd 2.7 (2.5+, 3-) Spiracles red. Turned red and made coon on back of leaf of little bits of leaf and silk Aug 15, 1890
(No pupa)

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Egg laid ^[[(e-light)]] by [[female symbol]] P. isabella July 10, 1890 Sub-conoidal, almost 2/3 sphere, base flat, shiny pearly white. Diam .9 mm
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[[image caption]] [[underline]] 203 [[/underline]] [[/image caption]] [[image - pencil sketch of larva showing one of the segments of the larva with a horn or protrusion on it and where the brown patches described below are located.]] [[image caption]] [[underline]] Ant. [[/underline]] [[/image caption]]

A [[underline]] 203 [[/underline]] On chokecherry; Jefferson [[Highlands?]] Mt. June 16 1895. Hd. 1.1 [[plus/minus symbol]] vinous brown Big dark [[band?]], greenish on sides except brown patches base [[the?]] feet on 7 and 10 lat; s-d line yellowish broken on 7, & obliquely on 11, horn distinct [[image - diamond shape]] on 12. C sh & anal pl. black, [[four?]] with 2 very short unbanded horns [[nann?]] obscure pale d. line.

A [[underline]] molt June 9 [[/underline]] Hd 1.6 [[plus/minus symbol]] Horns blunt point as before at [[foot?]]

[[image - pencil sketch of larval segment]] [[image caption]] Ant [[/image caption]] [[image caption]] Mature larva [[underline]] Cecrita guttivita [[/underline]] [[/image caption]]

Found on beech, Keene Valley, NY Drawn July 10 1894 while preparing to molt. This larva is [[underline]] biundata [[strikethrough]] or guttivitta [[/strikethrough]] [[/underline]] 

Transcription Notes:
Tidied up the consistency of the underlining and insertion annotations, to make them in accordance with the instructions. Also changed a few minor words, including "Cecrita guttivita" (right page) and "Jefferson [[Highlands?]]" (right page), where Dyar spent the summer of 1895 (see: -@mnathan

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