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February 23.  16 | Rutherford, Allan, Bt. Maj. &c. | Wilmington N.C.  Feb. 22 1869.
24 Feb 69. Forw'd to Gen. Howard - Com'r (C.D.) | States that  Frank Clinton (C) complains that in Feb. 1867, he placed his claim for prize money due him as landsman, U.S. Steamer "Commodore Hall" - in hands of Geo. Capeland, Att'y. at Law, No. 5. Fremont St. Boston, Mass.  Also gave him his pension certificate.  Has never heard of his papers since he gave them to Capeland, & in consequence cannot draw his pension.

March 18th.  17 | Robinson John | Goldsboro N.C.  Mch 13 '69.
Mch 19 - Ref'd to Capt Lee. | States that in October 1866, Thomas Smith & others forwarded their discharges to Capt. T. F. Lee, of Wake Co. and they wish to know of their whereabouts.

March 11th  18 | Rosekrans Isaac  late Agent. | Washington D.C.  March 8 1869.
Mch 11 '69 - Ref'd to Maj McCleery, D.O.  Mch 21 '69 - Rec'd back recom'ding that enclosed vouchers be paid in Washington.  Forwarded to Washington. | Desires to know why his vouchers for services rendered are not paid.

April 1"  19 | Rutherford, Allan, Bt. Maj. &c. | Wilmington N.C.  Apr. 1 '69.
Apr 3 '69 - Ret'd. authority granted. | Requests authority to hire an office at a monthly rental of $30.00.

April 12  20 | Rutherford Allan, Bt. Maj. &c. | Wilmington N.C.  Apr. 9th '69.
Apr 12 '69 - Ret'd. granted. | Requests permission to be absent from his station for ten days.


April 3, 1869.  21 | Richardson Jane | Washington N.C.  April 1, 1869.
Filed | Makes statement refuting certain charges made against her.

April 1869.  22 | Robinson Lionel | Swansboro N.C.  Ap'l 1869.
Granted $8.00.  Filed | Acknowledges receipt of letter dated [[blank]] & in reply states that the school at that place was built by the freed'm at the expense of the Govt.  Mentions inability of col'd people to pay a teacher.

April 13, 1869.  23 | Richardson Anny | Hillsboro N.C.  April 11, 1869.
Granted $8.00. | Acknowledges receipt of a package of books.  Asks for aid from Bureau.

April 18, 1869.  24 | Ridley Brunfield | Oak Hill  Ap'l 17, 1869.
Filed | Informs Supt. of Education that the school at that place will be opened on the 1st of May.  Number of scholars "thirty".

April 23, 1869.  25 | Reynolds Thomas I. | Murfresboro' N.C.  April 20, 1869.
See L. p 337. V 7, 1869  Filed | States that the colored citizens of Murfresboro' having bargained for a site whereupon to build their schoolhouse, will apply to the Bureau for assistance.  He recommends that it be granted also encloses list of books needed at Murfresboro'.  Ann Holden & Richsquare schools.

April 27, 1869.  26 | Rutherford Allen  Capt. U.S.A. | Wilmington N.C.  April 26, 1869.
See E.B. Page 1 1869. | Requests an appropriation of $300. to erect a schoolhouse at Lay Creek New Hanover Co.
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