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The following are the latest numbers of the Proceedings :-


1. Daly, Reginald A. - The Geology of Ascension Island. pp. 1-80. 21 pls. June, 1925. $3.00.

2. Barnett, S. J. and Barnett, L. J. H. - New Researches on the Magnetization of Ferromagnetic Substances by Rotation and the Nature of the Elementary Magnet. pp. 125-216. July, 1925. $1.50.

The following numbers of the Memoirs have been published :-

No. 1. Jeffrey, E. C. - The Origin and Organization of Coal. pp. 1-52. 13 pls. November, 1924. $3.00.

No. 2. Mills, Hiram F. - Flow of Water in Pipes. (With a historical and personal note by John R. Freeman and introductory outline by Karl R. Kennison.) pp. 55-236. Portrait. 6 Figs. November, 1924. $7.50.


Unbound volumes may be exchanged for bound copies upon payment of $1.00 for each volume.

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Theodore Lyman, President
Arthur E. Kennelly, Vice-President for Class 1
William M. Wheeler, Vice-President for Class II
Arthur P. Rugg, Vice-President for Class III
Norton A. Kent, Corresponding Secretary
Charles B. Gulick, Recording Secretary
Ingersoll Bowditch, Treasure
Harry M. Goodwin, Librarian

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Class I  |  Class II  |  Class III
Edward V. Huntington | Charles Palache Terms Expire 1926 | William C. Wait
George F. Swain | Irving W. Bailey Terms Expire 1927 | Jeremiah D. M. Ford
Arthur B. Lamb | Francis W. Peabody Terms Expire 1928 | William B. Munro
Harvey N. Davis | Herbert V. Neal Terms Expire 1929 | Edward W. Forbes

Committee of Finance
Thomas Barbour  Paul J. Sachs   Frederick P. Fish

Rumford Committee
Arthur E. Kennelly, Chairman
Elihu Thomson  Harry M. Goodwin  Harlow Shapley
Percy W. Bridgman  Charles L. Norton  Frederick A. Saunders

C. M. Warren Committee
James F. Norris, Chairman
Henry P. Talbot  Walter L Jennings  Lawrence J. Henderson
Gregory P. Baxter  Arthur D. Little  Frederick G. Keyes

Committee of Publication 
William S. Franklin, of Class I, Chairman
Herbert V. Neal, of Class II  Albert A. Howard [[superscript]] 1 [[/superscript]], of Class III

Committee on the Library
Harry M. Goodwin, Chairman
Edwin B. Wilson, of Class I  Thomas Barbour, of Class II
William C. Lane, of Class III

Auditing Committee
George R. Agassiz  John E. Thayer

House Committee
William H. Lawrence, Chairman
Robert P. Bigelow  S. Burt Wolbach

Committee on Meetings
The President
The Recording Secretary
GEorge H. Parker  Gregory P. Baxter  Edward K. Rand

[[superscript]] 1 [[/superscript]] Died July 31, 1925

Transcription Notes:
I've transcribed the columns in a similar way previously recommended by Smithsonian Transcription Center and Smithsonian Archives. -@siobhanleachman

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