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^[[Second Pan American Scientific Congress. Washington Dec 1915]]

[[image - 21 portraits of men. Second row, second image from left marked "2". Second Row, fifth image marked "W.H.Holmes"]]

[[first image note]] Barrett [[/note]]

[[second image note]] Bixby [[/note]]

[[third image note]] Boas [[/note]]

[[fourth image note]] Brashear [[/note]]

[[sixth image note]] Cabot [[/note]]

[[seventh image note]] Clayton [[/note]]

[[left margin side note]]



1 - 
No 2 Gorgoes
3 Graves
4 Gray
5 Holmes
6 Jennings
7 Phillips

1 Rommel
2 Rowl
3 Phillips
4 Shaw
5 Welch
6 Walcott
7 Woodward

[[/side note]]

[[preprinted image description]] Official Delegates of the United States

James Brown Scott, Secretary, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; John Barrett, Director General, Pan American Union; General W. H. Bixby, United States Army, retired; Franz Boas, Columbia University; John A. Brashear, president, American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Richard C. Cabot, of Harvard Medical School; William W. Campbell, director, Lick Observatory; Philander P. Claxton, United States Commissioner of Education; Henry B. Fine, of Princeton University; General William C. Gorgas, United States Army; Henry S. Graves, Chief United States Forest Service; Judge George Gray, member of the International Permanent Court of Arbitration; William H. Holmes, Head Curator, Smithsonian Institution; Hennen Jennings, of the London Institution of Mining and Metallurgy; William Phillips, Third Assistant Secretary of State; George M. Rommel, of the Department of Agriculture; L. S. Rowe, President, American Academy of Political and Social Science; Alfred P. Thom, Chief Counsel of the Southern Railway; Charges D. Walcott, Secretary, Smithsonian Institution; William H. Welch, president, National Academy of Sciences; Robert S. Woodward, president, Carnegie Institution of Washington; Walter Peenfield, secretary; Henry Ralph Ringe, assistant secretary. Not appearing in the group are Walter Penfield, secretary, Henry Ralph Ridge, assistant secretary, of this delegation.

My associates in 1915  W.H. Holmes.
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