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Friday August 19.

Prof. Dr E. Fraas: Comparison of the Jurassic Formation of America and Europe.

Dr Hans Meyer: Historic Man in the Andean Regions of Equatorial South America.

Dr Henri Froidevaux: A New Chapter in the History of the Filibusters of the Antilles (The Filibusters of Darien during the 18th Century)

Dr Angvar Nielsen: The Relations of Norway with Greenland and North America During the Middle Age and their Repetition in the 18th Century.

Dr W. Ruge: A Globe of Gemma Frisius.

Dr August Wolkenhauer: Was the Magnetic Declination Before Columbus First Voyage (1492) as a Matter of Fact Unknown.

Prof. Dr Lejeal: The Memoirs of Fray Toribio, Motolinia.

Prof. Jos. Fischer, S.J. The Cartography of the Discoveries of the Normans in America.

Saturday August 20

Dr Owan Bloch: L'origine de la Syphilis (Morbus americanus)

Prof. W.H.Holmes: Contribution of American Archaeology to the Science of Man.

Dr Clements E. Markham: The Megalithic Age in Peru.

Dr Jonkheer van Panhuys: The Last Dutch Expedition to Surinam

Comte G. de Crequi: The Excavations of the French Mission to Tiahuanaco.

Comte G. de Crequi: The Excavations of the prehistoric Necropolis of Calama. The Atacamas.
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