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[[preprinted]] 30 [[/preprinted]]

[[underlined]] Nov. 4. 96 [[/underlined]]

Class IV (cont.)
Plate chi 5200

Class X. Composite ?
Plate 4593 epsilon Carinae, seems to be peculiar. Calcium K is faint & hazy.

Hydrogen lines are distinct, G & h seem to be double. H wide and hazy.

Can there be two stars, one cl. G and cl. A, superposed, so that K is almost blotted out and hydrogen lines are made brighter or double? Look up plate 3992. the only one given in catalogue for epsilon Carinae besides this.

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[[preprinted]] 31 [[/preprinted]]

[[underlined]] Nov. 5. '96 [[/underlined]]

Class IV
Plate chi 5075
" " [[dittos for Plate chi]] 5080
" " [[dittos for Plate chi]] 4155 (typical star of this class?)

chi 4593 epsilon Carinae
Found one line ^[[certainly]] corresponding to an Orion line, another possibly.
Too dark for further work to-day.