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[[underline]] Nov. 6. '96 [[/underline]]

chi 4593  epsilon Carinae
chi 3992  " "[[ditto for epsilon Carinae]] H delta & H gamma possibly show slight displacement when H beta is matched with H beta in Orion star beta Crucis plate chi 6295. It may be due to different widths of hydrogen lines in the two plates.

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[[underline]] Nov. 9. '96 [[/underline]]

Plate chi 4995  delta Pavonis
K line shows peculiar broadening out on both sides of it. [[strikethrough]] It [[/strikethrough]] ^[[There]] seems to be a narrow line on each side of K.

Plate chi 4396  delta Pavonis
Same affect at K, only more indistinct. The narrow line of longer wave-length looks ^[[wholly]] merged into K. The one of shorter more wave-length looks partly distinct.

Plate chi 5767  delta Pavonis
Same hazy affect of K, though line beyond of shorter wavelength is quite clear.

Plate chi 6949  delta Pavonis
Excellent definition in violet. The K line is clear with a fine line on each side.

Plate chi 7769. delta Pav. Wider dispersion. The K line distinct with two lines distinct. H delta looks hazy.

Plate chi 7604  delta Pav. Good spectrum, wide dispersion. K line has the same fine lines. H seen. Whereas a narrow line near it of shorter w' length.
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