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[[preprinted]] 40 [[/preprinted]]

[[underline]] Nov 14, 96 [[/underline]]

Class I
Plate chi 5325  beta Hydrae
Hydrogen lines conspicuous, hazy line of [[strikethrough]] shorter [[/strikethrough]] longer wavelength than H.
Plate chi 5932 beta Hydrae
" "[[ditto for Plate chi]] 7719 " "[[ditto for beta Hydrae]] 
" "[[ditto for Plate chi]] 7653 " "[[ditto for beta Hydrae]]
I find two sets of marks on this plate. Is it a double?
Plate chi 4450  H gamma double?

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[[underline]] Nov 17, 96 [[/underline]]

Class I
Plate chi 5649 alpha Lucanae  H gamma double
I find this spectrum matches up well with alpha Tauri, so I am mistaken in placing it in Class I.  It should go in with a much later division.

Class II
Plate chi 4483.
" "[[ditto for Plate chi]] 4736 alpha Centauri? Seems to have a peculiar ^[[double]] line for L & H, somewhat similar to line in Sigma Carihae. but this plate is scratched [[strikethrough]] and this posit [/strikethrough]] and I can not readily match.  Plate 5599 is not in box, and that is the only other plate of alpha Centauri.

Class III
Plate chi 4806 ? Epsilon Triang. Aust.
H lines are dim, but no distinct bands are visible.  Plate not very good.
Plate chi 4813 ? Faint, looks like a [[strikethrough]] polaris [[/strikethrough]] Class II G star except the H lines are dim, so I put it in this class though there is not much shading shown.