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Nov. 17 '96

Class II
Plate chi 4447
" "[[ditto for Plate chi]] 7769

Class IV.
Plate chi 4705
" "[[ditto for Plate chi]] 4729 Lines show breaks, due probably to make of the clock.

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Nov. 18. '96.
Composite Type.
Plate chi 4505 ksi Puppis ?
Hydrogen lines are noticeable and there may be an Orion line between H delta & H epsilon, but I am not sure of this. Plate chi 7238 was classed on p. 37 as Class IV probably peculiar.

Class IV
Plate chi 4004

Class V
Plate chi 4092
" "[[ditto for Plate chi]] 4075
" "[[ditto for Plate chi]] 4013

Class VI like alpha Tauri.
Plate chi 4061
" "[[ditto for Plate chi]] 3962 ? same star as 4061, but there seems the evidence of motion.