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[[preprinted]] 50 [[/preprinted]]

Nov. 21, '96

Class [[strikethrough]] IV [[/strikethrough]] V
Plate chi 4507 (1) What is dark narrow streak of long w'length than H delta? On this plate I also observe a star -(2) with F line bright, H gamma either double or having a narrow bright line superposed on a dark wide line, and two or three bright streaks between F and H gamma.

Later, on looking it up down stairs, I see it is known as having F line bright, but I do not see other peculiarities mentioned.

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[[preprinted]] 51 [[/preprinted]]

[[underline]] Nov. 23. '96 [[/underline]]

Class V.
Plate chi 4540
" "[[ditto for Plate chi]] 4432
" "[[ditto for Plate chi]] 4506 (1)
" "[[ditto for Plate chi]] 5087 - Sag [[strikethrough]] hardly anything visible beyond H gamma [[/strikethrough]] faint at both ends.
" "[[ditto for Plate chi]] 5086 [[same comment as 5087]]
" "[[ditto for Plate chi]] 4462 ?

Class IV.
Plate chi 7684  F seems rather distinct
" "[[ditto for Plate chi]] 7693 C [[subscript]] 2 [[/subscript]] Aquarii. Look up other plates.
" "[[ditto for Plate chi]] 5098
" "[[ditto for Plate chi]] 7091
" "[[ditto for Plate chi]] 7301
" "[[ditto for Plate chi]] 5584
" "[[ditto for Plate xchii]] 5023 H [[symbol ~@]] has appearance of brightness on side of greatest w'length.

Class VI.
Plate chi 4851 Bright streaks marked on plate?

Class II.
Plate chi 5024