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[[preprinted]] 60 [[/preprinted]]

[[underline]] Dec 9, '96 [[/underline]]

[[left margin]] This classification was changed later [[/left margin]]

A list of the plates I put in a box marked [[underline]] G[[/underline]] stars Class I.

H lines noticeably distinct

4514 delta Volantis
4292 zeta Cap.
4997 " "[[ditto for zeta Cap.]]
7168 " "[[ditto for zeta Cap.]] Line of shorter w'lgth than H delta is much more conspicuous than H delta
5033 " "[[ditto for zeta Cap.]] zeta & beta both on plate. Plate marked beta Ca.
4500 beta Doradus
4481 " "[[ditto for beta Doradus]] poor plate
5166 zeta Tucanae
7239 " "[[ditto for zeta Tucanae]]  
7245 delta Volantis
4766 nu [[subscript]] 2 [[/subscript]] Centauri
4780 gamma Cor, Aust.
[[strikethrough]] 5138 C [[subscript]] 3 [[/subscript]] Aquarii [[/strikethrough]] (Rather among F stars)

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[[preprinted]] 61 [[/preprinted]]

[[underline]] Dec. 12, '96 [[/underline]]

For star with many Orion lines see plate 5637 lambda Pavonis
also " 5708 delta Scorpii