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[[preprinted]] 64 [[/preprinted]]

Dec. 18 '96
[[strikethrough]] Class [[/strikethrough]] Group 1.
([[C?]]) Syp. star beta Hydri
Plate 45932
zeta Tucanae
[[strikethrough]] delta Volantis strong line line zeta Cap. [[/strikethrough]] Upon consideration, this star seems more like (A). The G band looks hazy but it seems to be due to poor definition.

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[[underlined]] Dec. 22, 96 [[/underlined]] 

Typical stars
Group 2 
alpha Aurigae Plate 4534 in box of G stars labelled Group 2.

Group 3
alpha Reticuli  Plate 7323

Group 4 
pi Hydrae Plate 4155

Group 5
G Scorpii Plate 5779

Group 6
alpha Tauri Plate 3868

Transcription Notes:
I think the symbols need to be described and have asked the TC to discuss with @DASCHdesk. The G may possibly stand for gamma but the greek table I'm working from doesnt use G so I've transcribed as written. - @siobhanleachman