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[[preprinted]] 68 [[/preprinted]]

[[underlined]] Feb. 1. '97 [[/underlined]]

Continuation of general division of the X plates.

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[[preprinted]] 69 [[/preprinted]]

[[underlined]] Feb. 3. '97 [[/underlined]]

delta Can. maj. 6275
Plate x5778 iota Scorpii - like delta Can. Maj. in defective G band but H lines are more distinct and K lines [[strikethrough]] broader [[/strikethrough]]. narrower.

Plate x5964  theta Grucis ? Line near H delta like zeta [[epsilon??]] Cap. Should not ^[[this]] come later?

Plate x6165 ^[[rho Puppis]] H lines more distinct. K lines narrower. K band less marked. Metallic lines less marked, probably comes before delta Can. Maj.

x6405 beta Vel.