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[[preprinted]] 70 [[/preprinted]]

Feb. 3 '97

Like beta hydra
Plate chi 6929 eta [[subscript]] 3 [[/subscript]] Aquarii
Note that H is much broader than K

7204 zeta Doradus

7081 gamma Pavonis

6261 alpha Fornacis - H lines not as clear cut as in beta Hydri.

6206 -Puppis - like beta Hydri in lines and intensity of the lines.

Like epsilon Capric.
Plate chi 7245 delta Volantis. This star seems on close examination to be more like epsilon Cap. than delta Can. Maj.

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[[underline]] Feb. 4, '97 [[/underline]]

F.G. or G stars with conspicuous H lines. The first star named in each group is the typical one, and [[strikethrough]] differences [[/strikethrough]] variations from this star are spoken of
[[underline]] alpha Can. Minor [[/underline]] Lines sharp

rho Puppis chi 6165 lines broader

theta Grucis [[strikethrough]] 6834 [[/strikethrough]] 7207

[[strikethrough]] zeta [[/strikethrough]] eta Scorpii chi 6364  This spectrum appears exactly like rho Puppis (chi 6165) in width of lines, and number, position and intensity.

[[underline]] beta Hydri [[/underline]]  chi 5932
gamma Pavonis 5768
C [[subscript]] 3 [[/subscript]] Aquarii 6929
epsilon Tucanae chi 7239
-Puppis 5423
alpha Fornacis 5334
zeta Doradus 7204
alpha Cor. Aus 5764
delta Puppis 6172