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[[preprinted]] 72 [[/preprinted]]

Feb. 4 '97

[[underline]] delta Can. Maj. [[/underline]] xi 6275

iota Scorpii 5778 and A.G.C. 11755 6259 These two stars are alike, & differ from delta Can. Maj in having H lines more distinct & K lines narrower.

nu [[subscript]] 2 [[/subscript]] Centauri 6585  It is doubtful whether nu [[subscript]] 2 [[/subscript]] Cen. should go here or under alpha Can. Min. The G band appears to resemble that in delta, but the H lines are more marked.

b Velorum 6405 More metallic lines bet. H beta & H gamma. K lines narrower.

delta Volantis ? chi 7245. poor definition

[[strikethrough]] epsilon [[/strikethrough]] [[underline]] zeta Capricorni [[/underline]] Shows some shading. Peculiar intensity of line near H delta.

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[[preprinted]] 73 [[/preprinted]]

[[underline]] Feb. 5, 97 [[/underline]]

[[?symbol]] Carinae plate chi 4754
Nearly like iota Scorpii. Plate 4754 is not very good.

alpha Aurigae chi 4534
This is not a very good plate of alpha Aurigae and I can not now find the plates of the others.

The following stars seem near enough like alpha Aurigae to go in the same group. Differences from alpha Aurigae are stated.

beta Corvi chi 6438. Slightly banded.
 chi 4111  4507 [[strikethrough]] ? [[/strikethrough]] can not find

beta Leporis 6151. see no diff from alpha Aurigae
" "[[ditto for beta Leporis]] 8028  2 prisms, no distinct shading though density slightly decrease towards K.

-Centauri 5591 and 4707

delta Pavonis  6949.
7604 two prisms.