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Greenland by Capt. Holm. In comparison with the large collection from Baffin Land, Hudson Bay, Mc.Kenzie District, Point Barrow and Western Alaska these specimens are extremely valuable the more so, because previously the department did not possess a single specimen from East Greenland.

[[strikethrough]] The Honorable [[strikethrough]] ^[[Mr.]] Dorsey Mohun, Consular Agent to the Congo Free States brought home as the result of several years collecting nearly 700 articles illustrative of the native life and arts in that region which the Museum was so fortunate as to acquire by purchase.

In exchange the department received from Mr. A.C. Haddon 24 articles from British New Guinea. The collections are not rich from this area so that, these specimens are highly prized.

The department has received from the Glen Island Museum, New York, 30 specimens in exchange from that part of Africa which is about the Gulf of Aden in the Somauli country, and the parts of Arabia opposite. These are of interest because the Museum was not rich in articles from that region.

The Colonization Society has deposited in the Museum 91 articles collected in Liberia 50 years ago. On account of the age of these specimens, having been secured by Dr. Gurley before trade in curios began in that region, this collection is considered to be of very great value.

The department has received from the Bureau of Ethnology 218 specimens from south-western Arizona and north-western Mexico collected by Professor Mc.Gee, among the Papagos and Seri ^[[Indians,]] the value of this collection is incalculable. It fulfills all of the conditions of modern science. The specimens are not curiosities of the tribe, but the commonest things used in their daily