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on account of its inaccessibility; in the second place, because it is now generally conceded that East Greenland was settled from Smith Sound around the north and not from West Greenland around Cape Farewell. It is believed that, in primitive times, the Eskimo on the west side of Greenland did not come any further south than the boundary of permanent ice where it was possible to use the dog; the dog and the Eskimo being conterminous. 

The following is an account of the number of specimens received during the fiscal year:-

Entries.  Vol. 35  168.855
                  --------- ^[[Entries]] 476 
                            ^[[} - 1356 Articles]]

Entries.  Vol. 37  174.426
                   175.221  794 ^[[-1286]]
           Total           1270 ^[[2642]]