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Washington, Nov., 1, 1895.

Doctor G. Brown Goode, 

Assistant Secretary, Smithsonian Institution, in charge, U. S. National Museum. 

Dear Dr, Goode:-

I have the honor to submit a report of the Department of Ethnology during the months of August, September, and October. In my department during these three months the following persons have performed duties to be herein reported; Walter Hough, T. W. Sweney, Fannie M. Conner, A. Z. Shindler, Theodore A. Mills, Henry Walthers, and during the months of September and October Thos. R. Turnbull.

The Curator during these three months, at the request of the Director of the Museum, has given his attention largely to the preparation of a comprehensive paper upon the industries and arts of the native tribes of North and South America so as to include all the ethnographic collections from the Western Continent in one summarized and comparative study. The first duty in this work has been to prepare a careful and comprehensive index of all the catalogues from the beginning.

During the months of August and September Mr.