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Hough devoted his entire attention to the preparation of groups for the Atlanta Exposition and during the month of October prepared a complete series of labels for the Andaman collection sent to the Museum by Professor Giglioli. Mr. Sweney during the first two months prepared two hundred (200) unit boxes representing especially woman's work for the Atlanta Exposition under the direction of the Curator. In addition, he has partly installed the collection of watches under the supervision of Professor Winlock. Miss Conner and Mr. Turnbull devoted their time, entirely,to indexing the catalogues of the ethnographic collections for the purpose named above. Mr. Turnbull has also kept the catalogue and commenced, for the first time, a separate entry of loan specimens. He has also arranged, with great care, our card catalogue so far as it is completed. Mr. Shindler so far as his work has been done for the Department of Ethnology has continued the preparation of the series of type portraits of the different races of men painted in native costume amid native scenery. The bodies have ^[[half]] their natural length. Mr. H. Walthers was on my roll for the month of August and in that time was engaged in arranging the pottery hall and