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and straightening up matters for Atlanta especially, the collections brought in by Professor Mc. Gee and Mr. Mooney from South-western United States and Northern Mexico. In general, it may be stated that in August and the first week in September the entire force was more or less engaged in Atlanta work. During the months herein reported each member of my force has taken the usual annual leave. It is hoped that during the succeeding months the Curator will accomplish a great deal more in the line of work proposed by the Director of the Museum in-as-much as the Atlanta Exposition no longer consumes any great part of our time.

The collections of the Department of Ethnology had been enriched during the past three months by the following persons;
E. Loring Robinson, W. H. H. Caywood, W. P. Campbell, Rounceville Wildman, The University of Pennsylvania, The Glen Island Museum, The Bureau of Ethnology, Pardon Allen, Dr. Geo. P. Merrill, Tiffany & Co., M. F. Savage, G. W. Haskell, The Horniman Museum, E. C. Shipley, F. W. Hodge, W. W. Rockhill, and Dr. W. L. Abbott.

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^[[O.T. Mason