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February 28th 1920

Mr. Mortimer L. Schiff,
932 Fifth Avenue,
New York

My dear Mr. Schiff,-

I am sending you herewith memorandum for the two plates which you purchased this morning. This memorandum amounts to Frs. 204,000.

I am keeping the plates here to have them photographed, and will give 3 photos of every plate to Mr. de Ricci. As soon as the plates are photographed, they will be delivered to you, also if I am gone.

I have though over the exchange with my cylindrical bureau, and if I write to you about it before I pack it, I tell you candidly that it is because I would be proud to see that desk in your drawing-room, and it would be a monument, not only for you, but especially for me, as I am certain that it will have the admiration of everybody, as goods of that quality do not often exist. 

I therefore try to meet you; if you give me 250,000 Francs and your cylindrical bureau, I will make the transaction with you. 

I think you better think this over and give me your answer before Friday as I will certainly increase the price of the desk when it is back in Paris[[?]] and probably sell it easily. 

I repeat to you that you have the proof that it is only a question of amour-propre on my part to see this desk in your beautiful room, because I adore your room, excepting the wall lights.

I hope to hear from you one way or the other and beg you to believe 

Yours very sincerely,
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