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What the Graduates Say about the Athletic Field

These excerpts are taken from the answers of sixty Hamptonians, who were asked to serve on the Athletic Field Committee and to contribute to the cause. Their response was instant and enthusiastic. Their pledges were liberal, and their spirit encouraging and inspiring.

This campaign to equip a modern athletic field is simply an expression of that love and loyalty which will help make a greater Hampton. It is the beginning of greater things, as is shown in the following communications.

"Yours of a few days ago at hand and I am very much pleased to note the progress of athletics at Hampton. It is the pleasure of my life to see my school go 'Over the top' in this line. I will do most anything in my power to help further the cause....If seats are sold, and people take them anywhere they please, I am willing to give $1000 towards the cause."
- Robert S. Abbott, '96

"I am writing to say that I think your plan to have Hampton's sons and daughters equip an athletic field for Hampton Institute an excellent one. I shall be very glad to serve on the committee. I am sending my pledge."
- Janie Porter Barrett, '84

"I think the idea an excellent one and am glad to contribute to same."
- George K. Conway, '99

"You can rest assured that I shall drive hard to make the project a success, for I think it is a wonderful thing.

There are things connected with schools which can't be measured in dollars and cents, and clean athletic spirit is one of them. Then school spirit is another thing. Once a man has had a shock of school spirit in his system, he will divide his last dime with Alma Mater. I hope to see a lot of school spirit when I visit Hampton sometime soon. I hope to see the boys and the girls on the side lines pulling for the eleven boys on the field to bring a touchdown. In that spirit lies the school's future. Eventually the colored race will be called upon to support their own schools."
- Francis L. Dalton, '16

"This movement is a timely one, which I highly endorse. I firmly believe that no school can develop her student body to the highest point of efficiency which has not a well-equipped athletic field. Since my graduation, I have often thought of this point, and I do feel that you will receive a hearty co-operation from the graduates and ex-students in carrying out this project."
- James L. Drummond, '13

"I am in receipt of your letter, in which you ask me to become a member of the Field Committee, in connection with your athletic program. I consider it a privilege to be a member of such a committee, and cheerfully accept your invitation. You and your co-workers are to be congratulated on starting such a project, and I promise all of the assistance possible."
- R. E. Malone, Ag. '09

"It is gratifying to learn that Hampton is to get an athletic field and stadium. In the new birth of Hampton, academically, no better step could be made than to put a spark into athletics there, and the one big way is through track work. Would you believe that a representative team here in one of the meets would spread the name of Hampton all over? It is a pleasure to know what great possibilities there are in colored athletes, but there so few. 
- William S. Parker, '15

"Your letter, in which I am already tremendously interested, came today. Rest assured that the proposed proposition meets the complete approbation of the workers here."
- Linnaeus T. Pinn, '14

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"The idea of an athletic field at Hampton is the sign of a marked step forward. The athletic life of schools and colleges, white and black, has grown to so great a stature that it can no longer be regarded as a mere adjunct of some greater and more essential purpose of an institution, but must rather be treated as a vital and co├Ârdinate element in connection with other interests of the school. The great white colleges have recognized this principle, and their alumni have responded to the glory of their alma maters and the physical advancement of Young America. The graduates of Hampton will be no less responsive."
- Percival L. Prattis, '15

"I have considered the whole matter very fully, and as an evidence of the conclusion which I have reached on the subject, I am enclosing herewith my pledge."
- William M. Reid, '77

"I am very much interested in this move, and feel that when the matter has been put up to the graduates and ex-students, they will respond willingly to the appeal. I feel that it is something that we need at Hampton, and I am always in favor of anything that helps to bring the athletics of our Alma Mater up to the highest degree of efficiency. I shall be glad to serve in any capacity you may desire."
-William M. Rich, '09

"I am more than pleased with the plan outlined by you concerning hte Athletic Field for Hampton. You may rely on me for every possible help that I can give."
-Solomon D. Spay, '14

"I am deeply interested in your project."
-Lorenzo C. White '16

"To say that I heartily approve your step for better athletic facilities at Hampton is puting it mild. It has always been my dream to see Hampton well equipped for athletic purposes, and just to think that my dream is about to materialize on those lines that I have thought of mostly. I have always hoped for the day to come when i could contribute as much as a thousand dollars to such a Hampton need. Although I haven't reached that stage of financial success, i assure you what I give will be from the keenest impulse of my heart. Hampton's record in athletics has always been interesting to me, and with a modern field, which has always been needed, I feel that a valuable asset in more than one way will be added to the school"
-Paul V. Smith, '09


Nineteen Years' Record of Football at Hampton

Eighty-four games played; 57 won, 18 lost, 4 ties, 5 forfeited games.

Season 1902
Hampton 16  Armstrong Man. Tr. School 0
(Game played January 1, of school term 1902-'03)

Hampton 21  Armstrong Man. Tr. School 0
(First game away from school)

Hampton 0  Petersburg 5

Hampton 0  Petersburg 12

Hampton 6  Union 5
Hampton 5  Monarchs (Norfolk) 0
Hampton 5  Petersburg 10
Hampton 10  Columbia 1
Hampton forfeited to Columbia
Hampton 0  Union 0
Hampton 10  Tuskegee 0
Hampton 6  Shaw 5
Hampton 72  Kitrell College 0
Hampton 12  Phoebus 0

Hampton 11  Union 0
Hampton 80  Lynchburg Seminary 0
Hampton 0  Shaw 0
Hampton 1  Howard 0
Howard forfeited to Hampton

(year of Southern tour)
Hampton 22  Union 0
Hampton 0  Howard 5
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