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[[image - black & white photograph of Student Government members]]
Seated- Left to Right: Helen McGee, Dolores Hutt, Heloise Carr, Mary Atterberry, Bessie Colter, Marion O'Fallon, Clara E. Tompkins, Harriet Truelove, Lillian Houston, Hortense Watkins, Sidney McNeal, Jacqueline Garner, Harry Davis. Standing- Left to Right: Dr. Blackiston, Miss Greene, Sponsors.

The Student Government Association

The Student Council is the executive body of the Student Government Association.

This is one of the most outstanding organizations in the school. It acts as a link between the faculty and students. To this council are brought petitions, requests, and suggestions for bettering our institution. Each class has three representatives on the council who bring in the conclusions of class discussions. In addition several representatives from the council are on faculty committees. They are endeavoring to bring about a better feeling "Esprit de corps". Some of the outstanding events of the Student Council are: the Freshman Party, Senior-Hi Day, Election of Council Officers, and Inauguration of Mr. President and Miss First Lady. On these occasions all of the school is aware of the presence of the Council. A pin will be worn by the council members, officers and sponsors: a torch of light encircled by a wreath. Our council is practicing democracy today so that we will be able to live effectively in the democracy of tomorrow.

[[image - black & white photograph of Student Government officers]]
HARRY DAVIS, Treasurer
HELOISE CARR, Assistant Secretary
DOLORES HUTT, Vice-President


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[[image - black & white photograph of members of the Pan-American Club]]
[[caption]] First Row--Left to Right: Lottie Smith, Elverna Powell, Freddie Smith, Miss Blanche Patterson, Hortense Watkins, Clara Etta Tompkins. Second Row--Left to Right: Marietta Washington, Virginia Hooks, Pearl Fields, Belma Pleasant, Lois Willis, Wanda Shafers, Anna Lee Willis, Delphine Moore, Mary Quinones, Reba King.

The Pan-American Club

The Pan-American Club organization was founded in the fall of 1944 by Miss Blanche L. Patterson who came to Stowe on leave from Sumner in September. During her stay the club progressed rapidly, and maintained its purpose of understanding the relationship between our country and the countries of South America through studying the customs and speech of those countries.

Miss Paterson studied last summer and brought to the club first hand reports on the people of our neighbor republic.

The International Relations Club

It is of interest to note that International Relations Clubs were organized originally during the First World War and have a continuous history dating from December, 1914. There seems to be no reason to doubt therefore, that they will survive the present ordeal and contribute their share to a public opinion which will shape the future peace.  The purpose of this club here at Stowe is to perpetuate the ideals as envisioned by the founders of International Relations Movement.

[[image - black & white photograph of members of The International Relations Club]]
[[caption]] First Row--Left to Right: Pearle Fields, Frank Alcorn, Artemese Johnson, Dorothy Sharpe, Sensonian Sleet, William Brandon, LoDora Green. Second Row--Left to Right: Garola Suggs, Lowell Battle, Samuel Schaffer, Virginia Hooks, Charles Ward, John Robinson. Third Row--Left to Right: Mr. Bowles, Bernard Brown, James Langford, Morris Henderson.

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